10 Heartbreaking South Indian Love Story Films: that’ll Leave You in Tears

Heartbreaking South Romantic Movies

In these Heartbreaking South Indian movies about love, you’ll go on a journey filled with feelings. These films are not just for fun; they touch your heart. This list has “10 Heartbreaking South Indian Love Story Films: that’ll Leave You in Tears.” Each movie tells stories about love and sadness that everyone can understand. Some stories are about love that isn’t returned, and others end sadly. These films are so good because they tell stories well, the actors show strong emotions, and the music is touching. Get ready to feel these stories deeply because they show how love can be complicated and make you feel things even after the movie ends.


1. Ninnu Kori (2017)

“Ninnu Kori” is a heart-touching love story about Pallavi, Uma, and Arun. Uma and Pallavi fell deeply in love during college, but their romance didn’t last long. Pallavi, torn between her dreams for a career and the pressure from her family, decided to marry the steady and reliable Arun. Many years later, they unexpectedly meet again, and the feelings between Pallavi and Uma reignite. Pallavi, hoping to move forward, invites Uma to visit them in America. It is also a heartbreaking movie for some fans.

However, their renewed connection stirs up old emotions, making Uma jealous and regretful. This sparks a challenging period where they must face their decisions, deal with hidden pain, and question if their past should be a part of their present. The story of “Ninnu Kori” delves into the possibility of second chances, the power of forgiveness, and the complexities of love enduring through time and tough situations.

Hindi Dubbed Name: Aaj ka Khiladi

2. ’96 (2018)

“96” is a touching story about Ram and Janu, who were sweethearts in high school. They meet again after 22 years at a school reunion. Remembering their past and the feelings they never dealt with, they go back in time to when they were young and in love. Ram, who is now a travel photographer, still feels a strong connection to Janu, even though she is married. Spending a day together brings back old emotions they never resolved, showing that their love is still there. But they realize they live separate lives now.

They face the hard truth about their relationship and the sadness of a love that couldn’t happen. Ultimately, they have to choose between holding onto the past or moving forward in the present.

Hindi Dubbed Name: ’96

3. Dear Comrade (2019)

“Dear Comrade” is a movie made in 2019 in India in the Telugu language. It tells the story of Bobby, who is a student leader and gets angry quickly but cares a lot about fairness, and Lily, who is a cricket player at the state level and has had some difficult experiences in her past. At first, they don’t get along well, but slowly they start to become very close as they deal with their problems and things going on in society.

Bobby supports Lily a lot while she fights her own battles and stands up against unfairness. However, their relationship faces problems because they misunderstand each other sometimes and Bobby acts without thinking. The movie is set in a time of political trouble and shows a lot of strong emotions. It’s about love, giving up things for others, and trying hard to make the world a better place.

Hindi Dubbed Name: Dear Comrade

4. Majili (2019)

“Majili” is a touching story about love, sadness, and finding a way to heal, all set against the world of cricket. It follows Poorna, a really good cricket player whose dreams get shattered after a heartbreaking experience. He starts to rely on alcohol and a carefree life, moving away from what he loves – playing cricket. Things change when he meets Anshu, but their relationship faces problems because of Poorna’s past. Eventually, fate brings him to Sravani, who becomes his wife. As they navigate their marriage, old feelings come back, leading to a journey where they discover more about themselves, learn to forgive, and realize what true love means, despite the challenges that life throws at them.

Hindi Dubbed Name: Majili

5. Colour Photo (2020)

“Colour Photo” is a touching story set in the 1990s in southern India. It’s about Jai, a guy with dark skin, and Deepthi, a girl with fair skin, who falls in love. But their love faces big problems because people don’t like their different skin colors. Even though their families and society try to keep them apart, their love keeps growing. They face more and more problems together. The movie shows their love story, how they deal with the difficulties, and how love can be affected by what society thinks.

It talks about love, how people judge others based on skin color, and how strong people can be when faced with these challenges. This movie makes us think about what beauty means and how society sees things.

Hindi Dubbed Name: Colour Photo

6. Dia (2020)

“Dia” is a touching love story in Kannada that was released in 2020. It tells the intertwined tale of Dia and Adi. Dia, a quiet and independent person, meets the lively and outgoing Adi while they’re in college. Their first meetings turn into a strong bond, but they face unexpected problems. As their relationship goes through ups and downs, they learn more about each other and grow together. “Dia” shows the ups and downs of love and how relationships can change us, leaving a hopeful feeling about the lasting power of connections between people.

Hindi Dubbed Name: Dia

7. World Famous Lover (2020)

“World Famous Lover” (2020) is all about Gautham, a guy who wants to be a writer. He’s going through a tough time in his own love life and is finding it hard to write. So, he starts writing love stories based on what he’s been through. Each story he writes is like a piece of his own love life, showing different feelings like love, heartbreak, and finding out more about himself. As he gets deeper into these stories, Gautham learns how much love can change a person and how important it is. The movie shows how relationships can be complicated but also how love can change who we are.

Hindi Dubbed Name: World Famous Lover

8. Uppena (2021)

“Uppena” is a cute love story that happens in a small seaside town. Aasi, a kind boy whose dad works as a fisherman, falls for Bebamma, the daughter of a strict landlord in the village. Their love is not accepted because of the strict rules in the town, especially about different social groups. Aasi and Bebamma are determined to keep their love strong, even though it’s not allowed. But their relationship causes big fights and problems, leading to unexpected sad events that make them question how much they’re willing to give up for love.

In a world where society and families have strict expectations, “Uppena” shows how love can be really hard, but also how it can give strength and make people brave in breaking the rules for happiness.

Hindi Dubbed Name: Uppena

9. Sita Ramam (2022)

In 1964, in Kashmir, a soldier named Ram, who had lost his parents, found comfort in letters from someone named Sita. Even though tension surrounded their land, their feelings for each other grew strong. However, Ram had to leave because of his duty, and a missing letter left their future uncertain. Twenty years later, Afreen, a spirited student from Pakistan, was given a special task: to deliver Ram’s last letter to Sita in India. At first, she didn’t think much of it, but she decided to journey across borders and time.

Along the way, she discovered the depth of Ram and Sita’s love and faced her own biases. Her search uncovered Ram’s sacrifices during the war and revealed hidden secrets from the past. Will Afreen be able to bring hearts and nations together? Does Sita still hold onto a seemingly impossible dream? As they uncover the layers of history, a touching truth emerges—one that goes beyond borders and speaks of the everlasting strength of love.

Hindi Dubbed Name: Sita Ramam

10. Dada (2023)

Manikandan and Sindhu, two young lovers from college, face a big surprise: Sindhu becomes pregnant unexpectedly. They feel lost, not knowing whether to end the pregnancy or take responsibility. Their beautiful love story falls apart as Sindhu decides to leave, leaving their baby boy, Aditya, with Manikandan. Now, Manikandan, who used to struggle with drinking, finds himself as a single dad. Despite his challenges, his deep love for his son helps him change for the better. He becomes a caring and supportive father, referred to fondly as “Dada.”

As time passes, they navigate the ups and downs of single parenthood. We see Manikandan’s amazing transformation through Aditya’s innocent perspective, showing how fatherhood can bring out unexpected strength. But their story doesn’t end there. Will Sindhu come back into their lives? Can this broken family find healing, or will their past decisions continue to affect their future? “Dada” tells a touching story about love, loss, and how people can overcome tough times, proving that being a father can redefine a man and deeply impact a child’s life.

Hindi Dubbed Name: Dada

You may have seen some of these movies and some you may not have. So whatever movie you have not seen yet, go and watch it quickly because all these movies are better than the others and will be successful in touching your heart. Rest, I don’t know whether you noticed it or not, I have not kept this list in any specific order, that is, the older the movie, the more it comes first and the newer the movie, the later it comes, that is, no. Comes at 1. So comment below if I have missed something.

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