School Love Story Movies In Hindi Dubbed: 10 South Indian Masterpiece

School Love Story Movies

School Love Story is extraordinary and loved by people from different places. In South Indian movies, these stories about young love, friendship, and growing up are told in a really interesting way. This blog will discuss the top 10 best South Indian movies about school romance. They are dubbed in Hindi and have stories that touch the heart. These movies are famous for their stories that many people can relate to, great acting, and the feeling of first love in a school setting. They’re fun to watch and make us remember the sweet memories of our first loves.

School Love Story

1. Oru Adaar Love (2019)

“Oru Adaar Love” is a funny and sweet school love story movie from 2019 made in India. It’s in the Malayalam language and it’s about students in high school in Kerala. The main story is about two teenagers, Priya and Roshan, who start to like each other. The movie shows how young people feel when they fall in love, and it’s also about school life and friendships.

One scene with Priya Prakash Varrier winking became popular on the internet and made many people like the movie. “Oru Adaar Love” is all about the happy and sometimes tricky feelings of teenage love. It’s an enjoyable movie that shows what it’s like to be young and in love.

Hindi Dubbed Name: Ek Dhanshu Love Story

2. Neethaane En Ponvasantham (2012):

“Neethaane En Ponvasantham” is a movie made in India in 2012. It’s about two people named Nithya and Varun who become friends when they are young. They become very close and their relationship stays strong even when they are far apart. The movie shows how their love changes over time and how they face different life challenges like jobs and what they want for themselves.

It’s a story about their feelings, the things they give up for each other, and how their love stays strong even when things are hard. The movie talks about love, fate, and how two people’s hearts can always be connected. The school Love story is shown very little in this movie.

Hindi Dubbed Name: Inteha Pyar Ki

3. Krishnamma Kalipindi Iddarini (2015)

“Krishnamma Kalipindi Iddarini” is a school love story movie about a boy named Krishna and a girl named Radha who fall in love in a beautiful village. Krishna is a happy-go-lucky guy who loves Radha, a smart and independent girl. But their love faces many problems like what society thinks, their families not agreeing, and their challenges. Even though it’s hard, Krishna’s strong love and Radha’s bravery are the most important parts of the story.

It shows how love can be strong and how they fight to be together. The movie talks about love, giving up things for someone you love, and how relationships can be tough in a changing world with old traditions.

Hindi Dubbed Name: Voltage 420

4. Pencil (2016)

“Pencil” is an exciting school love story movie from India made in the Tamil language. It came out in 2016 and was directed by Mani Nagaraj. The story is about a student named Shiva in high school. He finds a video that could make his classmate Maya look bad. Shiva tries to figure out where the video came from. As he investigates, he gets caught up in lots of risky situations that challenge him. The movie has lots of suspense, and drama, and shows how teenagers behave. It keeps people interested until the end.

Hindi Dubbed Name: Pencil

5. 10th Class (2006)

“10th Class” (2006) is a funny and sweet school love story movie from India about a boy named Venkat in high school. He likes a girl named Chandana who is in his class. Venkat is just an ordinary student and he finds it hard to tell Chandana how he feels. He gets help from his friends and even though he faces funny situations, he tries his best to make Chandana like him back. The movie is full of jokes, and love, and shows how tough it can be to be a teenager, making it a fun story that reminds us of our first crushes and growing up.

Hindi Dubbed Name: 10th Class

6. 3 (2012)

“3” is a school love story movie released in 2012. It’s about love and relationships. The main characters are Ram, Janani, and their friend Raghavan. The story goes back and forth in time, showing how Ram and Janani’s relationship changes from happy times in college to problems in their marriage. The movie talks a lot about love, losing someone, and how emotions can be unexpected. It tells a sad love story, giving up things important to you, and dealing with what happens when you make choices for love.

Hindi Dubbed Name: 3

7. Kidu (2018)

“Kidu” (2018) is a movie from India about four high school friends – Kannan, Kelu, Ayyappan, and Pandi. They go on a school trip and face unexpected problems. In the forest, they meet a mysterious girl, and this changes their trip into an exciting adventure. They have to be very brave and work together to overcome challenges. The movie shows how their friendship helps them get through tough situations and how this experience changes their lives forever.

Hindu Dubbed Name: Kidu A Love Story

8. Boy (2019)

“Boy” is a movie about a young boy named Mahitej in a village in India. He’s in high school and gets picked on by his friends. One day, something unusual happens, and he becomes friends with Varsha. Their friendship turns into something more. At the same time, Mahitej gets in trouble with his Math teacher because of a big problem. The movie is about what happens next and how Mahitej deals with these challenges.

Hindi Dubbed Name: Boy

9. Malli Raava (2017)

“Malli Raava” is a loving story in Telugu about Karthik and Anjali. They were best friends since they were kids. As they grew up, they fell in love, but some problems made them separate. Many years later, they meet again by surprise. They feel confused about their old feelings and their past together. The movie shows how love can be complicated but also strong. It talks about love lasting a long time and getting another opportunity.”

Hindi Dubbed Name: Malli Raava

10. ’96 (2018)

The movie “’96” (2018) is a sad and touching romantic story in Tamil. It’s about two old school friends, Ram and Janu, who meet again after 22 years at a school reunion. Ram, who is a photographer now, remembers his feelings for Janu when they were young, while she’s married and deals with the choices she made. They spend a day together visiting their old school and the city, and it brings back old feelings.

The movie talks about lost love, memories, and how time passes. It shows how love can be one-sided, gives another chance, and how memories stay strong, making a deep impact on the characters and people watching the movie.

Hindi Dubbed Name: ’96

These special movies are about school love stories. They show the beauty of young love, with innocence, strong feelings, and heartwarming stories that everyone can enjoy. Each movie has its special things that make it lovely and memorable. They have characters you’ll love and stories that will stay with you. These movies remind us that love is something everyone understands, no matter where you’re from. So, get some popcorn, watch these amazing stories, and let them take you to a place where love is limitless and magical.

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