Top 10 Best Inspiring Indian Web Series: Leads to Success

Inspiring Indian Web Series

If you are in any phase of life and want to be successful in your life, then these 10 best inspiring Indian web series are just for you. So, get ready for a motivational journey into entertainment that’s more than just stories. We made a list called ‘Top 10 Best Inspiring Indian Web Series: Leads to Success.’

These series tell cool stories about people who keep going even when it’s hard. They show different kinds of people trying their best and doing well. These web series aren’t just one kind of story; they have lots of different ones and are super interesting. Join us and find these awesome stories that not only make you happy but also inspire you to do amazing things.

inspiring Indian web series

1. Sandeep Bhaiya (2023)

“Sandeep Bhaiya” tells the story of Sandeep, who wanted to be a government officer but faced many failures. Now, he works as a tired clerk. One day, he meets Aarushee, who delivers food. She dreams of studying more but can’t. Sandeep sees a bit of himself in her and decides to help her become an Indian Foreign Service officer. Their journey shows how Sandeep finds hope again while guiding Aarushee. The series talks about dreams, pressure from society, and how they both support each other. “Sandeep Bhaiya” is a sad yet hopeful story about not giving up on your dreams, even when things don’t go as planned.

  • No. of Seasons: 1
  • No. of Episodes: 5

2. Gullak (2019)

“Gullak” is about the Mishra family who lives in a small town in India. The show is all about the everyday struggles and feelings they share. The Mishras keep their special stories in a piggy bank called ‘Gullak.’ Each episode talks about simple but nice experiences that show how the family is funny and close. They deal with things like fights between siblings, what parents hope for, not having a lot of money, and feeling happy and sad. “Gullak” shows what life is like for middle-class families and it’s funny, warm, and easy to relate to. It tells about the happy moments of family life through these stories.

  • No. of Seasons: 3
  • No. of Episodes: 5+5+5= 15

3. Kota Factory (2019)

“Kota Factory” is about a young student named Vaibhav. He lives in Kota, a place in India known for coaching students for tough exams. The show tells the story of Vaibhav dealing with the pressures of studying there. It shows how he faces difficult situations and achieves success in his studies. Vaibhav gets support from his mentor Jeetu Bhaiya and friends while dealing with school challenges, personal problems, and the competitive atmosphere. The series talks about the hard work students put in and their dreams to succeed. It also talks about friendship, competition, and how tough school can be. It shows what it’s like for students who want to do well in their studies.

  • No. of Seasons: 2
  • No. of Episodes: 5+5= 10

4. SK Sir Ki Class (2023)

Ashish is a young man who doesn’t know what he wants to do. He feels a lot of pressure from his family to take a tough test called the UPSC exam. He goes to a coaching institute in Rajendra Nagar where SK Sir, a teacher with his own dreams, tries hard to help him. They have a difficult time because Ashish doesn’t care much, but SK Sir really does. SK Sir tries to show Ashish that he can do more than just study books. He wants Ashish to find what he really wants and to believe in himself.

Along the way, there are funny moments and Ashish makes friends with other students. He learns that figuring out what he wants in life is more important than just passing a test. This story is about growing up and shows us that the biggest test in life isn’t passing an exam, but understanding how to live a good life.

  • No. of Seasons: 1
  • No. of Episodes: 3

5. Selection Day (2018)

“Selection Day” is an inspiring Indian web series about two brothers, Radha and Manju. Their dad wants them to be cricket stars. The story happens in Mumbai and shows how hard it is for the brothers to make their dad happy while also following their dreams. They deal with a tough coach, what society expects from them, and their problems while trying to make it big in cricket.

Their journey mixes wanting to succeed, having good friends, and dealing with family stuff in the competitive cricket world. They have to choose between doing what they should and doing what they want, and the show tells a story about giving up things, loving what you do, and finding out who you are when there’s a lot of pressure on you.

  • No. of Seasons: 1
  • No. of Episodes: 12

6. Sixer (2022)

In Indore, there’s a guy named Nikku who’s good at playing cricket but can be a bit too confident. He joins a team called the Vijaynagar Vijetas, who are the underdogs. They’re a group of people with big dreams, like an older guy named Rajesh and a strong girl named Karishma. They enter a tennis ball tournament against a tough team called the Rajwada Warriors. Along the way, they face tough times, fights, and feeling let down, dealing with their problems and the temptation of becoming famous quickly.

Winning the game isn’t just about getting a trophy; it’s about showing how good they are, surprising everyone, and remembering how important it is to work together. Will the Vijetas win or will they struggle against life’s challenges? “Sixer” is a nice story about working hard, friendship, and going after what you want, even when things are difficult.

  • No. of Seasons: 1
  • No. of Episodes: 6

7. TVF Pitchers (2015-)

“TVF Pitchers” is about four friends named Naveen, Jitendra, Yogendra, and Saurabh. They want to stop working boring office jobs and start their own business. When Naveen’s idea is taken at work, they decide to create their own company. They face problems like not having enough money, personal issues, and what people think about them. The show is about how they learn about friendship, not giving up, and being creative. It’s a story that shows how they work hard to make their own way in the tough business world.

  • No. of Seasons: 2
  • No. of Episodes: 10

8. Half CA (2023)

“Half CA” is a show about students trying to become Chartered Accountants in India. We meet Archie, who has a good life but feels pressure from family, and Niraj, who doesn’t have much money but is smart. They become friends while studying hard for their exams, staying up late and drinking chai. We see how they give up a lot, make friends, and learn about themselves while being “Half CAs.” The show isn’t just about tests; it’s about following your dreams and being strong even when people expect certain things from you. Watch these students work hard and feel inspired by their determination to succeed.

  • No. of Seasons: 1
  • No. of Episodes: 5

9. Lakhon Mein Ek (2017)

Dr. Shreya Pathare, a young doctor who believes in doing good, goes to a faraway village called Sitlapur for a special eye camp. But there are problems: the villagers don’t trust city doctors, politicians want good photos, and the system is full of problems like dishonesty and not caring. Shreya feels hopeful at first, but then things get worse. Supplies disappear, rules slow things down, and some people believe in things that stop them from getting help. Shreya faces tough choices about what’s right.

She sees how neglect hurts people – like a kid who goes blind because the things they need arrive too late. Shreya has to decide between following the rules and helping people, and it’s really hard. She’s in a tough situation in the world of rural healthcare. Will her hope survive, or will the system crush her dreams like it does to many people? This is Laakhon Mein Ek season 2, a tough story about the fight for basic healthcare. It shows that being a hero is not always easy, and even winning can feel like losing sometimes.

  • No. of Seasons: 2
  • No. of Episodes: 14

Web Series of Ritvik Sahore

10. Aspirants (2021-)

“Aspirants” is about three friends named Abhilash, Guri, and SK. They want to become UPSC officers. The show tells us about their dreams, problems they face, their friendships, and how they deal with hard times while trying to make their dreams come true. It shows how they stick together and work hard to achieve their goals, even when life is tough. The series also shows how difficult it can be to prepare for competitive exams and how growing up can be both good and tough.

  • No. of Seasons: 2
  • No. of Episodes: 10

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