All-Time Best Action Films of Allu Arjun: From Arya to Pushpa

If you are a fan of the action films of Allu Arjun. Then know that he is a big star in Telugu movies. He’s famous for his lively dancing, friendly nature, and exciting action scenes. If you like action-packed fights, cool stunts, and interesting stories, you’re in for a treat! This blog talks about Allu Arjun’s best action movies. Get ready for thrilling adventures, big battles, and awesome acting as we explore his action-packed world! Enter the exciting world of Allu Arjun’s action movies! He’s famous for his thrilling fights and daring stunts that get your heart racing.

Action Films Of Allu Arjun

Allu Arjun’s performances are so powerful that people all over the world love them. In every movie, he brings charm, quickness, and a lot of energy, making his mark on action films. Come with us to discover all the amazing action movies Allu Arjun has starred in. We’ll look at his famous characters, unforgettable scenes, and the excitement he brings to the screen. Get ready for a thrilling journey through Allu Arjun’s action-packed world.

action films of Allu Arjun

Arya (2004)

“Arya” is an Action love story movie set in a lively Indian college. It’s all about Arya, a happy and likable student. Arya likes Geetha in college, but Geetha is dating Ajay. Arya keeps trying to win Geetha’s heart, even though Ajay doesn’t like it. Ajay tries to control Geetha, but Arya stays positive and kind. Ajay’s family makes things difficult for him, so he has to marry someone else. Arya doesn’t give up and eventually, Geetha loves him back.

Bunny (2005)

Bunny is a Revenge Action Movie Released in 2005. In the movie, there’s a nice guy named Bunny who falls in love with Mahalakshmi, the daughter of a really rich man. The rich man, Somaraju, isn’t so sure about Bunny marrying his daughter, but Bunny surprises him by asking for all his money. As the story goes on, we find out why Bunny wants all that money. It turns out Bunny has a special reason related to Somaraju’s family, and he needs the money for something important and good.

Desamuduru (2007)

Desamuduru is an Action romantic film released in the year 2007. Bala, a reporter who strongly believes in doing what’s right, gets into trouble for fighting with a criminal’s son. To avoid getting in more trouble, he is sent to make a TV show about traveling in Manali. While there, he meets Vaishali, a mysterious woman who has left society to live a spiritual life. They fall in love, but their happiness is short-lived when Vaishali is kidnapped. Bala learns about Vaishali’s past and how it connects to the criminal. He decides to fight for justice and to rescue Vaishali.

Arya 2 (2009)

Arya 2 is an action romantic movie that is all about friendship and love. Ajay and Arya became friends when they were young. Ajay went to live in a rich house, but Arya stayed homeless. Many years later, Ajay became a successful businessman and met Arya again. They both liked the same girl, Geetha. Even though Arya liked Geetha too, he helped Ajay win her love. But later, Arya became too possessive, and Geetha’s family was involved in crime. This caused a lot of problems, and Arya had to do something big to help Ajay keep Geetha’s love.

Varudu (2010)

Varudu is a decent family-friendly action movie which is average by story concept. Sandeep, a modern guy with some old-fashioned ideas, says yes to an arranged marriage without meeting his bride. They have a big five-day wedding. But things get crazy when the pretty bride, Deepthi, gets kidnapped! Diwakar, who is obsessed with Deepthi, is the one who took her. Sandeep wants Deepthi back, so he kidnaps Diwakar’s brother and challenges him to a risky game. Will Sandeep beat the bad guy and get back with Deepthi at their wedding spot, or will their happy ending be ruined?

Badrinath (2011)

Badrinath is a very brutal action film that will make you wow if you are an action fan. Badri was taught martial arts by a wise teacher. He guards a special temple. One day, he meets Alakananda, who doesn’t believe in God anymore because of something sad that happened when she was young. Badri wants to help her believe again. But Badri’s teacher doesn’t trust their friendship. Also, Alakananda’s uncle is causing trouble, so Badri has to protect her. Badri faces a tough choice: should he do his duty or follow his feelings for Alakananda?

Julayi (2012)

Julayi is a very good action comedy film, which will make you laugh. The story tells about Ravindra Narayan a young guy who likes to make money fast and doesn’t worry much. One day, he accidentally discovers that a bad guy named Bittu is planning to rob a bank. Instead of joining in, Ravindra decides to help the police stop the robbery.

But this makes Bittu very angry at him. Now, Bittu wants revenge, so Ravindra has to go into hiding with the police’s help. While hiding, he meets a girl named Madhu, who has no idea about Bittu’s plans. They start to like each other. But Ravindra knows he has to be smart to stay safe from Bittu and keep his new life with Madhu.

Iddarammayilath (2013)

“Iddarammayilath” is a very interesting action film with an interesting story concept. Akanksha, a student who studies the mind in Barcelona, finds a diary telling a story about Sanju, who loves music, and Komali, who is very traditional. Akanksha is interested and wants to meet Sanju. But she doesn’t know that Sanju is in trouble because of bad people.

Akanksha’s dad, who is a politician, is involved in bad things, and he uses her to do bad things too. Then, she finds out a secret about Sanju’s past involving her dad’s helper, and it makes everything more complicated. Love and lies mix up as Akanksha learns the truth. Now, she has to decide if she wants to help her family or follow the love story she read about.

Race Gurram (2014)

It is a very good action comedy film, Which action is only good but its comedy is mind-blowing. Race Gurram is about two very different brothers who fight against a bad politician. Ram is a serious policeman, while Lucky is more relaxed. When Ram finds proof against a mean politician named Siva Reddy, Lucky ends up with it by mistake. Siva Reddy gets angry and sends his people after the brothers. Even though they don’t always get along, Lucky and Ram have to work together to keep their family safe and show everyone how bad Siva Reddy is. It all leads to an exciting fight for what’s right.

S/O Satyamurthy (2015)

S/O Satyamurthy is one of my most-watched films with a good amount of action, comedy, and emotion. A rich guy named Viraj Anand enjoys a super fancy life because his dad is super rich. But then his dad dies in a big accident, and they find out their money isn’t real – it’s all borrowed and they owe a ton. Instead of letting his dad look bad, Viraj decides to fix things.

He becomes the only one making money for the family by planning weddings. But it’s hard because they’re broke. Then he falls in love with Sameera, whose dad is one of the people they owe money to. Now, Viraj has to not only fix his life but also make Sameera like him, all while keeping his dad’s reputation good.

Sarrainodu (2016)

If you like action movies, then “Sarrainodu” will be a good option for you. The story is based on Gana used to be in the military but now he can’t stay still. He helps fight bad things as a secret hero. One day, he meets Mahalakshmi. She’s running away from a really mean guy. Her dad, who was a good politician, got hurt by this bad guy, Vairam Dhanush.

He’s the son of a very bad leader. Gana decides to make things right and promises to make Vairam pay for what he did. Even though Mahalakshmi wants him to stop being so violent, Gana faces Vairam anyway. This starts a big fight between a hero and a really powerful bad guy.

DJ (2017)

It is a very impressive action movie which is very interesting. The story is about Duvvada Jagannadham (DJ) seems like a regular cook, but he’s actually a secret crime fighter. He works with a police mentor to catch bad people. One day, he meets Pooja, who he really likes. But Pooja’s dad is a bad guy DJ is trying to catch. Now, DJ has to figure out how to keep fighting crime and be with Pooja, all while dealing with a dangerous enemy.

Ala Vaikunthapurramloo (2020)

If you are looking for a family-friendly action, comedy, or family drama film then this is the right option. The movie story based on Banti, a young man who is treated badly by his dad. One day, he finds out that he was swapped with the son of a rich businessman when he was born. This surprises him a lot. Banti decides to go and live with his real family. He meets many new people and has to deal with tricky situations. He also talks to those who hurt him. As he learns more secrets and truths, Banti fights to be himself, find love, and have a good life.

Pushpa: The Rise (2021)

If you want to know which is Allu Arjun’s best action film, then my answer is this film, Pushpa: The Rise. In this film, you will get the best action sequences, the best dialogues, and a good and hooked story concept. If we talk about the story, A determined young man named Pushpa Raj leaves a boring job to join the risky business of smuggling red sandalwood in the Indian hills.

He works under a guy named Konda Reddy and faces dangers from Konda Reddy’s jealous brother and the watchful police. Pushpa’s ambition brings both chances for success and enemies, like the ruthless Srinu who controls the smuggling business. “Pushpa: The Rise” tells the story of how Pushpa tries to become powerful in a world where trust and betrayal are common.

A Bonus Film

Naa Peru Surya, Naa Illu India (2018)

“Naa Peru Surya, Naa Illu India” released in 2018, is a decent film by Allu Arjun, the story is about there’s a soldier named Surya who gets angry a lot. He wants to work at the border, but he gets in trouble and is told he can’t if he doesn’t control his anger. His last chance is to talk to a doctor named Dr. Ramakrishnan Raju.

But here’s the twist: Dr. Raju is Surya’s dad, and they haven’t been close. Surya has to deal with his past and learn to control his temper. He has 21 days to prove he can do it and also to fix things with his dad. All of this is so he can achieve his dream of serving on the front line.

If you have noticed then you must have noticed that I have arranged this list from an old to a new list. I have not included the remaining films in this list because there is action in all those films but not much action is focused, there will be at most 2-3 action sequences so that is why I have not included those films in this list. By commenting below, tell us how many films from this list you have seen and how many more you will watch.

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