Top Must-Watch Emotional Rom-Com Movies of Dulquer Salman

One actor who’s really good at making these movies is Dulquer Salman. In the magical world of movies, one type that lots of people love is romantic comedies. These movies make you laugh and feel warm inside. He’s famous for being charming, able to play different roles well, and having a strong presence on screen. Dulquer Salman has been in lots of romantic comedies that make you feel happy and sometimes even cry a little. Here, we’ll talk about some of his best movies in this genre that you should definitely watch. They all have a mix of love, laughter, and touching moments that stay with you even after the movie ends.

Dulquer Salman

Dulquer Salman

                     Hey, all you big fans of romance! Want to feel all warm and fuzzy inside and get those butterflies in your stomach? Well, check out the awesome movies of Dulquer Salmaan. He’s a popular actor in Malayalam films who’s really good at making characters come alive and creating special moments on screen. We’ve picked out some of his best romantic comedies that’ll make you laugh and cry at the same time, leaving you feeling happy and believing in love even more.

Charlie (2015)

In the movie “Charlie” from 2015, Tessa runs away from a marriage that was arranged for her. She finds a book that belonged to someone named Charlie. Tessa gets interested in Charlie’s story and how lively he seems. She decides to look for him. While searching, she goes to the busy streets of Kerala. There, she meets a thief and a woman who Charlie saved from hurting herself. Tessa learns about Charlie’s good deeds and finds out about his romantic side and a doctor who feels guilty about a mistake. Tessa wants to meet Charlie, but they keep narrowly missing each other. She wonders if they will ever meet or if their connection will stay a secret.

Hey! Sinamika (2022)

In the story “Hey! Sinamika,” Mouna is tired of her husband Yaazhan always talking to her. She wants some time alone. So, she pretends to move to Pondicherry for work. But Yaazhan doesn’t want to be apart from her. Mouna asks Dr. Malarvizhi, a relationship expert, to help her make Yaazhan like someone else so they can get divorced. But then, something unexpected happens—Yaazhan and Malarvizhi become friends. Mouna’s plan doesn’t work like she thought it would. Will she get Yaazhan back, or will she lose him forever?

Ok Kanmani (2015)

In busy Mumbai, Adi and Tara meet accidentally. They both think alike and don’t believe in getting married. They feel a strong connection and choose to live together, which is not traditional. They move in with an older couple, Ganapathy and Bhavani, who have a strong love story. Seeing how deeply they love each other makes Adi and Tara question their own ideas about relationships. They wonder if they should commit to each other or stay free. Will their modern love last, or will they want something different?

Bangalore Days (2014)

Bangalore Days is about three cousins: Arjun, Divya, and Kuttan. They move from Kerala to Bangalore, a busy city. Arjun likes Sarah, a fun radio host. Divya is unhappy in her marriage to Das, who works too much. Kuttan wants a traditional wife and likes Meenakshi, a flight attendant, but she doesn’t feel the same. They face love, job problems, and city life challenges together. They learn that family is always there for them, no matter what happens.

100 Days of Love (2015)

Sad writer Balan (played by Dulquer Salmaan) feels very sad after breaking up with someone on social media. He meets Sheela (played by Nithya Menen), whom he knew when they were kids. Sheela used to bully him back then. Balan starts to like Sheela even though they didn’t get along in the past. But it’s hard because Sheela is going to get engaged soon, and Balan isn’t sure if he’s good enough for her. He tries really hard to make her like him, but he has to deal with his old mistakes and figure out how to handle love in today’s world.

Jomonte Suvisheshangal (2017)

This story is about a guy named Jomon whose dad, Vincent, wants him to grow up and be responsible. Jomon likes a girl named Catherine, and he tries to impress her. Vincent gives Jomon a job at a store to help him grow up. But things get bad when Jomon’s business with a friend doesn’t work out. Jomon has to work as a salesman and meets a new friend named Vaidehi. Will Jomon learn to be responsible and find love? The story talks about family, growing up, and finding your way in life.

Oru Yamandan Premakadha (2019)

In the movie “Oru Yamandan Premakadha,” there’s a guy named Lallu who likes to have fun and doesn’t worry too much about what his family expects from him. He hasn’t found the right person to marry yet, but then he sees a missing person’s report about a girl named Diya and feels a connection with her. Lallu and his funny friends decide to find Diya and along the way, they discover how kind she is.

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But there’s another girl, Jesna, who has liked Lallu since they were kids. Lallu has to decide if he wants to keep looking for Diya or if he should be with Jesna instead. The movie talks about different kinds of love, listening to your heart, and having good friends.

Varane Avashyamund (2020)

In Chennai, there’s a single mom named Neena and her daughter Nikki. They live next door to a retired army Major called Unnikrishnan. A young man named Bibeesh moves in nearby, and their lives get mixed up. Nikki keeps saying no to marriage offers, and Bibeesh talks about his family problems. As they all live together, they learn about each other’s pasts and feelings. Surprising friendships grow, making them rethink what love and family mean.

Ustad Hotel (2012)

Faizi, played by Dulquer Salmaan, wants to be a great chef. But his dad, who likes things the old way, doesn’t approve. Faizi tries to get a cooking job far away, but it doesn’t work out. So, he has to go back to India and help at his grandpa’s restaurant, “Ustad Hotel.” With his grandpa’s help, Faizi learns that food is more than just cooking. It’s about bringing people together and being with family. The movie is about chasing your dreams, finding your place, and honoring your family’s story. And it’s all mixed in with yummy food smells!

The Zoya Factor (2019)

Zoya is a clumsy worker at an ad agency who always seems to have bad luck. But one day, she gets a surprise chance to work with the Indian cricket team. The team’s leader, Nikhil, believes in hard work, which clashes with Zoya’s superstitious ways. But when the team wins after Zoya is around, they think she’s their good luck charm. Suddenly, Zoya is famous as their lucky mascot, and she starts falling for Nikhil. But as things get more intense and a sneaky teammate tries to ruin things for Nikhil, Zoya has to decide between love and the team’s success, all while figuring out what luck really means to her.

ABCD: American Born Confused Desi (2013)

Spoiled rich cousins Johns and Korah, who grew up with lots of money in America, live fancy lives with fancy cars and go to fancy clubs. But when their super-rich dad stops giving them money, they have to go to India for what they think is just a vacation before John starts studying for his MBA. They get stuck there and don’t know what to do in this new place. They meet a nice lady named Madhumitha who helps people. Johns really likes her and starts helping with her work.

Fahadh Faasil

Then, a made-up story says they are struggling to live with very little money, and suddenly everyone thinks they’re heroes. But a politician gets mad and says people can live with even less. Now, Johns and Korah have to deal with being famous, not fitting in with the culture, and maybe even falling in love, all while proving they can take care of themselves and go back to America.

Pattam Pole (2013)

Karthi is a Hindu boy and Riya is a Christian girl. They love each other a lot. They worry that their families won’t like that they are from different religions. So, they run away to Ooty together. But they fight and go back home. They act like they don’t like each other anymore. But their dads, who are old friends, know they’re just pretending. The dads want to help them get back together.

Even though Karthi and Riya work at the same place and start to love each other again, they almost mess things up because of a misunderstanding. But then, there’s a happy surprise. Their dads give them a wedding invitation with both their names on it. This shows that they approve of their love and wish them a happy life together.

Salala Mobiles (2014)

Afzal is a relaxed guy who opens a mobile shop called “Salala Mobiles” with his uncle’s money. He likes Shahana, a girl from college who often comes to his shop. One day, he meets someone who’s great with technology and gets software that can tap into phones. At first, he uses it for fun to listen in on conversations. But then, he finds out about a secret plan in politics. This gets him into a lot of trouble, but it also helps him understand Shahana better. Even though he faces legal problems, Afzal wins Shahana’s love and becomes a responsible person.

Sita Ramam (2022)

In a place called Kashmir during a fight in 1964, there’s a story called “Sita Ramam.” It’s about a soldier named Lieutenant Ram who doesn’t have parents. One day, he starts getting love letters from someone named Sita Mahalakshmi. Ram falls in love with her through these letters and decides to find her. The story goes back and forth between two times. In 1985, there’s a girl named Afreen from Pakistan who lives in London. She’s given a letter that Ram wrote to Sita a long time ago. Afreen learns about their love story that goes beyond countries, and she finds out what happened to Ram and Sita in the end.

In short, watching Dulquer Salman’s best romantic comedy movies is like going on a journey filled with happy, sad, and touching moments. Each movie he stars in has great acting and interesting stories that mix love and humor. Whether you want to laugh, feel cozy, or remember how love can be wonderful, these movies have it all. So, get your popcorn, get comfy, and enjoy watching Dulquer Salman’s movies, where you’ll feel lots of emotions you won’t forget.

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