Teja Sajja’s Movies: Journey from First Movie to Becoming a Big Star

If you want to know about the movies of Teja Sajja, First know he is a famous actor in Telugu movies. He started acting when he was a kid and now he’s a big star. Whether you’ve seen him in sweet roles when he was young or in action roles now, Teja Sajja has fans of all ages. We’ll see how he started and what movies he’s been in recently.

Teja Sajja All Movies

Teja Sajja has acted in different kinds of movies that people all over the world love. Come along as we explore his movies and see how talented he is in every role he plays. This blog post talks about Teja Sajja’s journey in movies, from when he started to his latest movies.

Ishq (2021)

“Ishq,” a Telugu movie from 2021, tells the story of Siddharth and Anu, a young couple out on a date. Their day turns scary when they meet two men who say they’re police officers. These men start to make them feel really bad and scared. They force Siddharth and Anu to drive around with them. Things get worse when one of the men tries to hurt Anu. Siddharth fights back to make them pay for what they’ve done. But then, Siddharth starts acting like them, hurting others. Secrets come out, and Siddharth has to face what he’s done.

Adbhutham (2021)

Adbhutham is a movie made in Telugu language in 2021. It’s about two people named Surya and Vennela who are feeling very sad. Something strange happens and they end up having the same phone number. Even though this is weird, they start talking to each other and feel better. They want to meet each other more and more, but something keeps stopping them. Adbhutham talks about things like destiny, feeling connected, and how amazing things can happen in everyday life.

Oh! Baby (2019)

In the movie Oh! Baby, there’s a grumpy old lady named Baby who isn’t happy with her life. She argues with her family and then goes into a strange photo studio. When she comes out, something magical happens: she’s turned into her 24-year-old self! Now she’s young and full of energy, and people call her Swathi instead of Baby. Swathi gets a chance to chase her dream of becoming a singer, but it’s not easy being a young person in today’s world, especially with family stuff. Throughout the movie, there are funny moments and touching scenes where Swathi learns about herself, and life, and grows closer to her family.

Zombie Reddy (2021)

In the movie “Zombie Reddy”, Mario, who makes video games, goes to a friend’s wedding in the countryside of India with his friends. But suddenly, zombies start appearing and ruining their fun. Mario and his friends have to fight to stay alive. They have to be careful of both the zombies that want to eat them and the fighting between families in the area. Mario has to be clever to beat the zombies and deal with tricky alliances between people.

Hanu Man (2024)

In a small village called Anjanadri, there’s a guy named Hanumanthu who lives a simple life. But one day, he finds a special gem that gives him amazing powers, kind of like the famous hero Hanuman. Then, a bad guy named Michael shows up, wanting the gem for himself. Now, Hanumanthu becomes a hero called Hanu Man and has to fight against Michael and a big scary monster that comes because of the gem. He uses his new powers to protect Anjanadri and show everyone that he’s a real hero.

As we look back at Teja Sajja’s movies, it’s clear he’s gone from being a new face to a big star. He’s shown he can do many different roles and loves acting a lot. If seen, Teja Sajja has worked in many other films. But as a child actor and not as a main lead. So these were the films of Tejja Sajja which if you have missed them then go and watch them quickly.

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Starting from his first movie to now being a top actor, Teja Sajja’s journey shows how talented he is and how much he loves acting. We’re excited to see what he does next. Teja Sajja’s story in movies isn’t finished yet, and he’ll keep entertaining us for a long time.

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