Must Watch Indian Action Movies in English Dubbed: Bollywood Brutality

If you like exciting action, interesting stories, and great acting, Indian movies have lots for you to enjoy. These days, Indian action movies are becoming famous worldwide. They’re dubbed in English so everyone can watch and love them. Indian movies, sometimes called Bollywood movies, come in many types, and action movies are very popular. These action movies have big characters, exciting stunts, and huge fights that make people watch them closely.

When making a list of Indian action movies you should watch, we look at a few things. These are exciting stories, awesome action scenes, and great acting. Every movie on this list has all these things, so watching them will be really memorable. In this article, we’ll talk about some awesome Indian action movies you can watch in English, guaranteed to keep you hooked.

Animal (2023)

Ranvijay Singh, the son of a powerful industrialist, returns to India upon learning of a planned attack on his father. Consumed by vengeance, he embarks on a violent quest to find the culprit.  Years abroad have hardened him, and his fractured relationship with his father adds another layer of complexity.  As he uncovers the truth, Ranvijay must confront his own inner demons and the price of blind rage.

Mission Majnu (2023)

In the shadow of the 1971 war, Indian spy Amandeep Singh goes undercover in Pakistan under the alias Aman.  His mission, assigned by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, is to infiltrate and expose Pakistan’s clandestine nuclear weapons program. To solidify his cover, Aman marries a local woman, Nasreen.  As Aman navigates the dangers of his mission, his growing love for Nasreen complicates his loyalties.  When a potential Israeli airstrike threatens to target the wrong location, Aman must race against time to expose the true nuclear facility and prevent a devastating conflict.

Khufiya (2023)

After a dangerous job, Indian spy Krishna Mehra feels sad because her partner, Heena, who was also a spy, died. Heena found out about a spy working against their country in R&AW, India’s spy agency before she died. Now, Krishna has to find the spy who is selling secret defense information. She starts to think a man named Ravi might be the spy because he lives in a fancy way even though he’s just a regular government worker. Krishna also thinks Ravi’s wife, Charu, might be helping him. She investigates them and finds out they’re betraying their country. This makes Krishna think about how complicated love, duty, and keeping the country safe can be.

Sooryavanshi (2021)

In Mumbai, there’s a big problem with terrorists. A police officer named DCP Veer Sooryavanshi is leading the Anti-Terrorism Squad to find some missing explosives. These explosives were used to hurt the city before, and they hurt Sooryavanshi personally. Now, he’s in a hurry to stop another attack. He’s getting help from his friends Simmba and Singham, who are also officers. But the terrorists are pretending to be Indians, which makes it hard to catch them.

Drive (2019)

In the movie “Drive” from 2019, a smart thief named “King” steals a lot of gold in a risky robbery. To avoid getting caught, King disappears. Then, Satya, a skilled street racer with a mysterious past, comes into the picture. A corrupt government official named Vibha makes Satya an offer: go undercover in the racing scene to find out about a gang she thinks is hiding King. As Satya races and digs deeper, he finds out that things aren’t what they seem. There’s a lot of lying going on, and even the authorities might be involved in the stolen gold.

Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl (2020)

“Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl” is about Gunjan Saxena, played by Janhvi Kapoor. Gunjan wants to be a pilot even though many people say she can’t. She works really hard and becomes one of the first female pilots in the Indian Air Force. During the Kargil War, she flies risky missions to rescue soldiers in dangerous places. Her bravery and hard work show other girls they can join the Indian armed forces too.

Minnal Murali (2021)

Jaison is a tailor who lives in a small town in Kerala. He dreams of going to America. One day, he gets hit by lightning, and it gives him special powers. He decides to become a hero called “Lightning Murali.” But things get complicated when he faces problems with his love life. Also, there’s a bad guy named Shibu who has his own powers. Now, Lightning Murali has to learn how to use his powers well and face his past to protect his village.

Baahubali (2015)

A baby was discovered in a river and was taken care of by a group of people. A determined boy named Shivudu has a big dream to climb a waterfall that no one is allowed to climb. He manages to do it and learns that he is actually Prince Baahubali, the next ruler of the Mahishmati kingdom.

But his mean cousin Bhallaladeva wants to be king and tricks everyone by blaming Baahubali’s mom for a crime she didn’t commit. Baahubali and his girlfriend Avantika have to leave their home because of this. They start their own kingdom together. Many years later, Baahubali’s son has to continue the fight to become the rightful king of Mahishmati.

Kantara (2022)

In 1847, a king swapped land with a forest god to keep the peace, but he could make the god very angry if he broke the deal. Many years later, a fight starts between a forest worker and the villagers because the land is taken for a reserve. Shiva, a villager who doesn’t like following old traditions, gets caught up in the problem. As people get greedy and betray each other, Shiva has to deal with his past and accept his family’s ways to keep his people safe and honor the old deal with the forest god.

RRR (2022)

In the 1920s, when India was ruled by the British, a brave tribal warrior named Komaram Bheem went to Delhi to save a young girl who was taken by the mean British Governor. At the same time, an Indian officer named A. Rama Raju, who wants to get ahead, is told to catch Komaram Bheem. But instead, they become friends without knowing each other’s real identities. They face a tough choice between their duties and what they believe is right. Will they stay friends when they find out the truth? They have to decide if they will stick to their duty or rebel for their country’s freedom.

Indian action movies are very popular worldwide because they have exciting stories and lots of action scenes. You can easily find exciting Indian action movies with English dubbed versions on Netflix and other popular streaming sites. Even if you don’t speak Indian languages, you can watch them in English. So, get some popcorn, relax, and enjoy the movie.

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