Fahadh Faasil: The King of Malayalam Action-Crime Thrillers

In Malayalam movies, there’s a new hero named Fahadh Faasil. He’s known for his intense acting and bold roles, especially in action-packed crime movies. Unlike usual heroes, Faasil’s characters are deep and sometimes struggle with doing the right thing. This blog talks about Faasil’s career, showing how he’s changed action movies in Malayalam and become the top star in thrilling cinema. He’s really good at acting and can play all kinds of roles.

Fahadh Faasil

People love watching him in action-packed crime movies. He’s great at playing tricky characters and keeping the audience interested. Faasil is so good at acting that he’s the top star in the industry. Let’s take a closer look at Fahadh Faasil and why people call him “The King of Malayalam Action-Crime Thrillers.

Malik (2021)

Malik is a very good political crime thriller film. Its story is based on a town by the sea called Ramadapally, where a man named Ahammadali Sulaiman becomes very powerful. He fights against bad behavior and becomes a leader there. But some people remember that he used to do illegal things like smuggling, and he had trouble with the police. Freddy, who is Sulaiman’s nephew but doesn’t talk to him, gets a job to get rid of him while he’s in jail.

Through Freddy, we learn about Sulaiman’s life – how he fought against people taking land, how he was friends with Christians, and how a big fire changed things for him. As time goes on, we see how Sulaiman’s past and present come together, and we find out why he became powerful and what he wants.

Vikram (2022)

Vikram is an awesome action crime thriller film which will make you wow. In the story “Vikram,” there’s a guy named Amar who works secretly to catch bad guys. He’s after some people wearing masks who are going after corrupt leaders. Amar follows clues that lead him to a mean drug dealer named Sandhanam and a guy named Vikram who used to be a spy.

But as Amar keeps looking into things, he starts to wonder if Vikram might be involved in the crimes. The story gets really intense, with lots of secrets and fights, as Amar, Sandhanam, and Vikram all clash trying to get revenge and make things right.

Trance (2020)

Trance is a very good psychological thriller film. Its story says After his brother’s death made him very sad, Viju, who talks to people to make them feel better, decides to start a new life in Mumbai. There, two sneaky people ask him to pretend to be a special religious leader called “Joshua Carlton.” At first, Viju isn’t sure about the idea, but after learning some tricks, he starts to act like Joshua.

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By pretending to do miracles, Joshua gets a lot of people to come and gives the sneaky people a lot of money. But as Viju keeps acting, he starts to wonder if what he’s doing is right. He begins to think hard about what he really believes and faces some bad things about himself.

Dhoomam (2023)

Dhoomam, a Malayalam thriller movie made in 2023, tells the story of Avinash, who works in a company that sells tobacco. Avinash feels unhappy with his job and decides to leave it. But this decision brings him and his wife, Diya, into danger. They are chased by someone mysterious. The movie jumps between the present, where Avinash and Diya are running away, and the past, where we see how Avinash became successful in the tobacco business with his friend Siddhu. Avinash tries hard to save himself and his wife before it’s too late. The movie also shows how working in the tobacco industry can have a bad impact on people’s minds.

Joji (2021)

Joji is a good crime thriller movie. The story is focused On the hills of Kerala, Joji, the youngest son of a rich plantation owner, feels trapped by his controlling dad and wishes for lots of money. Joji thinks he can take advantage of the situation when his father gets sick. He starts planning to make sure he gets what he wants, even if it means doing bad things. As the family gets more upset with each other, Joji’s plans lead to lying and hurting others, causing scary results.

Varthan (2018)

Varthanam is a good romantic action thriller movie. The story says that After Abin lost his job in Dubai, he and his wife Priya went to her family’s old house in Kerala. Everything seemed peaceful at first, but Priya started having scary experiences. Strange workers and someone were lurking outside. Things got worse when something bad happened. Abin wanted to make sure Priya stayed safe, so he tried to figure out what was going on. He had to face dangers from outside and also wondered if he could really protect Priya.

Athiran (2019)

Athiran is an awesome psychological thriller movie, That will make you wow. In the story, Dr. Nair is a doctor for people with mental problems. He goes to a place far away where they keep sick people. He meets Nithya, a person who’s been kept secret. Dr. Nair tries to learn about Nithya’s past and the secrets of the place. Things get confusing, and it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s not.

Later, a surprising thing happens: someone pretending to be someone else appears, and they have to fight to stay alive. The movie makes you wonder what’s really happening and how far family will go to protect each other.

Irul (2021)

Irul is a psychotic mystery Thriller film. The story in about Alex and Archana went on a nice trip together, but then their car stopped working in a big storm. They had to go to a strange person’s house nearby for safety. But things got scary when the power went out, and they found something really creepy in the basement. Alex, who wrote a story about a killer, started wondering what was real and what wasn’t.

Velaikkaran (2017)

“Velaikkaran” is a movie about how life is unfair for regular people in today’s India. Arivu is a young man with big dreams who gets a job at a big company without knowing it does bad things. When he sees the company treats its workers badly and doesn’t care about people, he decides to change things. With his friends and help from the community, Arivu fights against corruption and unfairness. He keeps going until things get better. The movie talks about doing the right thing, helping others, and making society better.

Super Deluxe (2019)

Super Deluxe is a movie from 2019 in Tamil. It’s about four people and how their lives change in just one day. A young wife is dealing with cheating, a son finding out secrets about his mom, a priest questioning his faith, and a transgender woman searching for who she really is. They all meet in a lively city and face unexpected problems that make them think hard about what they want, what they believe, and where they’re headed.

Take Off (2017)

“Take Off” is about Sameera, a nurse from Kerala. She goes to Iraq for more money, but things get scary when ISIS takes over the city. Sameera and her friend Shahid, whom she married, get captured along with other nurses. Sameera helps by contacting the Indian embassy, leading to a mission to rescue them. They have to be really brave and clever to stay safe.

Maamannan (2023)

In a small village in Tamil Nadu called Maamannan, there’s a respected leader named Maamannan and his son Veeran. They live happily until a mean politician named Rathnavel comes to town. Trouble starts when Rathnavel goes after a free coaching center run by Leela, who is Veeran’s friend. Maamannan tries to help the community, but Rathnavel causes a big fight. Now, Maamannan and Veeran must stand up to Rathnavel’s unfairness and power to bring justice to their village.

In a rural Tamil Nadu village, Maamannan, a respected leader, and his son Veeran live peacefully. Their harmony is shattered by the arrival of Rathnavel, a ruthless politician.  A clash erupts when Rathnavel targets a free coaching center run by Leela, a friend of Veeran’s. As Maamannan stands up for the community, a bitter power struggle ensues, forcing him and Veeran to fight for justice against Rathnavel’s cruelty and political influence.

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