Best Indian Time Travel Movies in Hindi: 10 Must-Watch Time Stories

Have you made some mistakes in the past? that you want to correct but cannot correct, then this post is for you, time travel movies in Hindi with our special list called “Best Indian Time Travel Movies in Hindi: 10 Must-Watch Time Stories.” These films are from India and are very interesting as they talk about traveling in time. They show stories that mix up the past, present, and future in clever ways.

Time Travel Movies in Hindi

Time Travel Movies in Hindi

These movies are not just fun to watch but also make you think about time and how it works, and they explore ideas like changing the past or different versions of reality. Let’s discuss these amazing stories together and appreciate how they tell tales creatively while showing adventures and time travel movies in Hindi.

1. Aditya 369 (1991)

In the movie ‘Aditya 369’ from 1991, a smart teacher makes a machine that can travel through time. They show this machine to some curious people. Together, they accidentally go to different times in history. They see old kingdoms and future cities, facing many problems along the way. There’s also a bad person who wants to control the time machine. While seeing amazing places and meeting important people from history, they learn that changing history can be dangerous.

They try hard to get back to their own time while making sure they don’t change anything important in the past. ‘Aditya 369’ is an exciting story about a big adventure through time, mixing history, science, and how strong people can be, no matter where they live.

  • Available On: YouTube
  • Hindi Dubbed Name: Mission 369

2. Love Story 2050 (2008)

“Love Story 2050” is a time travel movie in Bollywood, It’s story about love that happens in the future, in the year 2050. It’s about a guy named Karan who finds a machine that can travel through time, made by his strange uncle. Karan wants to change what happens in his life, so he uses the machine and goes to 2050. There, he meets Sana, a nice girl who looks a lot like his old girlfriend, ZEISHA, who passed away.

As Karan learns about this new world with lots of fancy technology but not much feelings, he falls in love with Sana. They find out there’s a secret reason why they are connected through time. Their love shows that it can last through anything, even time and new gadgets, and teaches them how powerful love can be in a future full of problems and things we don’t know.

  • Available On: Amazon Prime Video
  • Hindi Dubbed Name: Love Story 2050

3. Action Replayy (2010)

In the movie ‘Action Replayy’, a boy named Bunty wants to help his unhappy parents. He uses a time machine made by his odd grandfather to travel back in time to the 1970s when his parents were young. But things don’t go as planned. He sees that his parents had many problems in the past. Bunty tries to make them fall in love again, but it’s not easy. He faces funny and crazy situations while trying to fix their relationship. Bunty learns that changing the past can cause unexpected problems. Through this journey, he learns about love, and commitment, and discovers things about himself.

  • Available On: Amazon Prime Video
  • Hindi Dubbed Name: Action Replayy

4. Indru Netru Naalai (2015)

In the movie ‘Indru Netru Naalai’ released in the year 2015, two friends find a machine that can make them travel in time by accident. They get really excited and start using it to change things in their lives to get what they want. But they don’t realize that changing things can cause problems they didn’t expect. They face funny and tricky situations because of their actions. As they move through time, they learn that fixing their mistakes is important for a good future. The movie is funny, and surprising, and teaches us lessons about doing the right thing when we have the power to change things.

  • Available On: Disney + Hotstar
  • Hindi Dubbed Name: Time Machine

5. 24: Time Story (2016)

“24: The Time Story” is a time travel movie in Telegu, released in the year 2016, In this movie a very smart scientist named Sethuraman figures out how to travel through time. He makes a special watch that can jump ahead 24 hours. But something really sad happens when his jealous twin, Athreya, kills Sethuraman and takes the watch. Many years later, Sethuraman’s son, Mani, gets the special key to open the watch’s box. Athreya wakes up from a coma and wants to change history by going back to kill Sethuraman before he makes the watch.

A very exciting chase happens as Mani, helped by his father’s spirit in the watch, tries to protect what his father made and stop something really bad from happening by controlling time. This story is all about one very important day where what happened before, what’s happening now, and what will happen in the future all come together in a big rush against time.

  • Available On: Disney + Hotstar, Zee 5
  • Hindi Dubbed Name: 24

6. Jango (2021)

Gautham is a smart doctor who fixes brains. His marriage is not going well. He gets stuck in a strange thing where time keeps going back to the same morning. Every time, his wife Nisha is killed by a bad person. Gautham loves Nisha a lot and tries hard to stop this from happening. He keeps living through the same day many times, trying to find a way to save Nisha. He looks at every moment, finds clues, and thinks about his mistakes from before.

What’s real and what’s not starts to get mixed up. Gautham wants to change what will happen and save Nisha. But it’s hard to know if he can. “Jango” is an exciting story about science and feelings, showing how strong people can be even when things are really tough.

  • Hindi Dubbed Name: Jango

7. Maanaadu (2021)

“Maanaadu” is an exciting time travel movie in Tamil. It’s about Abdul Khaaliq, a person who helps politicians, but he’s blamed for something he didn’t do. The story happens again and again at a political meeting. Khaaliq realizes that he’s living the same day over and over. Every time it happens, he finds out more about secret plans, lies, and people who want to hurt him. He has to hurry to find out the truth about politics and who is being dishonest. The movie has lots of twists and turns, mixing suspense, drama, and mystery. It shows how Khaaliq fights against corruption and tries to make things right in a world full of powerful and tricky people.

  • Available On: Sony LIV
  • Hindi Dubbed Name: Maanaadu

8. Adbhutham (2021)

Adbhutham is a time travel movie Telegu, Its story is set in a strange turn of events, there was a sad person named Surya who read the news in 2019. At the same time, there was a college student named Vennela who was having a hard time in 2014. They found out that their phone numbers were connected for some mysterious reason. They started texting each other and became friends, even though they were from different times. They shared their sadness and hopes with each other. Some strange things like a big burst of sunlight and weird magnet stuff made their connection happen, but it made them fall in love.

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Even though they were years apart, they made their relationship work. They helped each other out with Vennela’s school problems, and their messages even changed things in Surya’s past. The movie tells a nice story about love that doesn’t care about time limits. It’s mixed with some science fiction and funny parts, and it makes people think about fate and how strong friendships can be.

  • Available On: Disney + Hotstar
  • Hindi Dubbed Name: Adbhutham

9. Bimbisara (2022)

Bimbisara was a very powerful and mean king in an old place called Trigarthala. He ruled with force and was very cruel. He wanted more and more power, so he killed his own brother, Devadatta, and took a special mirror that promised to make him live forever. But because of a curse, he suddenly went through time and ended up in the busy city of Hyderabad in the 21st century.

He was confused because everything was so different from what he knew, like cars and phones. His past still troubled him because Devadatta’s family wanted to change history and forget about Bimbisara. He didn’t know what to do: be a king again or become a good person in this new time. This clash of old and new times made a thrilling story about fixing mistakes, getting back at people, and how time travel can change things unexpectedly.

  • Available On: Zee 5
  • Hindi Dubbed Name: Bimbisara

10. Oke Oka Jeevitham (2022)

Oke Oka Jeevitham is a time travel movie in Telegu, and its story is about, Adhi is a very good musician who feels scared to perform in front of people. He’s sad about his mom dying a long time ago. His friends Chaitu and Seenu also have their own problems. One day, a scientist gives them a chance to go back to 1998 and change things in their past. Adhi meets his younger self, Chaitu deals with love from when he was a teenager, and Seenu tries to make his future better.

But when they change things in the past, it creates new problems they didn’t expect. They learn that even small changes can cause big problems. “Oke Oka Jeevitham” is a movie about time travel and how it’s important to accept things in life, even if they’re not perfect.

  • Available On: Sony LIV
  • Hindi Dubbed Name: Oke Oka Jeevitham

These Indian movies about time travel in Hindi tell many different stories from different times and cultures. They are very interesting and capture people’s attention with their amazing stories. Some movies talk about ancient times, while others explore the future. These ten movies are very special because they make us think about time and imagine what could happen if we could travel through it. When the movies end, we feel amazed and start thinking about how life is and how quickly time passes. These movies are not just for fun; they also make us think about life and moments. They show how creative Indian cinema can be and leave a strong impression on us.

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