Heart Touching Pure Love Story Movies Like ’96: For South Romantic Movie Lovers

Movies Like ’96

If you have seen the ’96 movie of the Telugu industry which had Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha in its cast, And you are finding movies like ’96 then, Hello, fans of South Romantic Movies! We’re here to take you on a special journey through some charming movies like the beautiful love story in ’96. In this blog, we’ll talk about handpicked movies about true love, like the deep feelings and beautiful memories of ’96. You’ll discover stories that are touching, full of feelings, and have timeless romance. These movies are perfect for people who adore strong connections shown in romantic South Indian films. Come with us and explore these amazing stories that show pure and heartfelt love in movies.

movies like'96

1. Enakku 20 Unakku 18 (2003)

“Enakku 20 Unakku 18” is a Tamil romantic comedy released in 2003. In busy Mumbai, there’s a young guy named Sridhar who loves cricket and goes to college. He meets a girl named Preeti while they’re both on a train. They feel a special connection, but they get separated before they can share their names or numbers. Sridhar goes back to his college life in Chennai, but he can’t forget Preeti’s laugh. Preeti also moves to a new city and can’t stop thinking about the boy with beautiful eyes. Destiny gives them hints to find each other again, like a lost earring and their shared love for cricket.

Sridhar looks for Preeti in women’s colleges, while Preeti searches in men’s colleges. Finally, during a cricket game explosion, they meet again. After facing tragedy, will fate give them another chance at love in their youth? “Enakku 20 Unakku 18” is a fast and exciting love story where destiny decides if love can survive despite missed chances.

  • Hindi Dubbed Name: Hum Milenge
  • Available On: YouTube & Disney+Hotstar

2. Malli Malli idi Rani Roju (2015)

“Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju” is a heartfelt Telugu romantic drama movies like ’96, released in 2015. In a beautiful place called Vizag, there’s a young guy named Raja Ram who loves running. He really wants to be the best in the country. His mom teaches music and supports him a lot. He has a special pair of shoes that he loves for running. Raja feels happy when he runs with a girl named Nazira, who has lovely eyes. They start liking each other a lot. But things get hard because of problems from outside and things they don’t say.

Something unexpected happens, and Raja finds comfort in running while Nazira has to go far away to Malaysia because of her family. Many years go by, and they miss each other quietly. One day, they meet again but they both have secrets now and each of them has a daughter. Can their love come back even though a lot has changed? Will they find their way back to each other despite being far apart, just like raindrops keep coming back in the movie “Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju”? It’s a touching story about getting another chance at love.

  • Hindi Dubbed Name: Real Diljala
  • Available On: YouTube & Disney+Hotstar

3. Krishnamma Kalipindi Iddarini (2015)

In a small village, Krishna really likes Radha. They’ve been friends since they were little and now they’re starting to like each other more. But their families and Radha’s mom make it hard for them to say how they feel. Time passes, they grow up, and Krishna does well in his job in the city. But Radha stays in his heart. When they meet again at a school reunion, he wants to find her but learns she got hurt and can’t move like before.

The river Krishna, where they used to talk, has a secret message showing Radha also liked him. Can Krishna overcome problems and what people think to bring back their old love, proving that sometimes, things come together again even after a long time?

  • Hindi Dubbed Name: Voltage 420
  • Available On: YouTube & Zee 5

4. Boy (2019)

This is a school love story movies like ’96. Story is about Fifteen-year-old Mahi is going through a tough time growing up in India. He spends most of his time dealing with school, hanging out with his best friend Vayu, and having feelings for a girl named Varna from another school. But when Varna gets into a really good college, everything changes for Mahi. The college is super hard to get into, and Mahi isn’t great at math, which is a big part of the entrance test.

Still, he’s determined to impress Varna and follow his big dreams. So, Mahi starts a funny and touching journey to overcome his fears, tackle school problems, and figure out what it truly means to be brave and successful. This story is all about growing up, love, family, and how friends can help us through the tricky times of being a teenager.

5. Kotha Bangaru Lokam (2008)

“Kotha Bangaru Lokam” is a movie like ’96, released in 2008 in the Telugu language. It’s about Balu, a smart student, and his time in high school. He meets Swapna, a new student who is really nice and smart. They become friends and then fall in love. But their love faces problems because of society and their families. The movie shows how Balu supports Swapna despite these difficulties. It’s a story about young love, family, and working hard to make dreams come true.

6. Arya (2004)

“Arya” is a movie from South India released in 2004. It’s a love story about a cheerful guy named Arya who falls in love with a girl named Geetha after they meet by chance. But Geetha only sees Arya as a friend and likes another guy named Ajay, who is rich and powerful. Even though Arya loves Geetha a lot, he helps her be with Ajay instead. This makes Arya very sad, but he decides to let go of his love for Geetha’s happiness.

The movie talks about love that’s not returned, friendship, and doing things for others without expecting anything in return. It shows Arya’s journey of love and sacrifice when he feels very sad because of a broken heart.

  • Hindi Dubbed Name: Arya Ki Prem Pratigya
  • Available On: YouTube & Zee 5

7. Ninnu Kori (2017)

Pallavi and Arun are celebrating their first year together. But something from the past is causing trouble. A while back, Pallavi loved a man named Uma, but her father didn’t approve because he wasn’t wealthy. They had to separate because of this. Now, Pallavi secretly invites Uma to their home, which brings back old memories and hurts. Arun starts to doubt Pallavi, and Uma tries to win back Pallavi’s love, hoping things can change. But can the hurt from the past be fixed? Can forgiving each other make things better? In the story of love, loss, and getting another chance, ‘Ninnu Kori’ asks: where does true love belong? You Can say this movie is movies like ’96.

8. Raja Vaaru Rani Gaaru (2019)

“Raja Vaaru Rani Gaaru” is a lovely story about love in a pretty village. Raja is a quiet guy who likes Rani, a lively girl. They like each other, but it’s hard because of how things are in the village. Raja gets help from friends to tell Rani how he feels. But there are problems because people don’t understand them. Raja and Rani go through a lot together and learn about love, friendship, and not giving up. The movie shows how love can be simple even when things around you are complicated. This is a love story movie like ’96.

9. Thanneer Mathan Dinangal (2019)

“Thanneer Mathan Dinangal” is the best movie of ’96, released in 2019 in the Malayalam language. It’s about a boy named Jaison who goes to high school. He really likes a new girl named Keerthy who joined his class. Jaison tries to impress her, but it causes funny situations and problems with another classmate named Ravi, who is very serious and polite. While dealing with friendship, love, and school challenges, Jaison learns important things about love, respect, and growing up. The movie shows how tough it can be to be a teenager in school, but it also has happy and relatable moments.

10. Sita Ramam (2022)

This movie is one of the best movies of ’96. Story based on 1964, there was a soldier named Lieutenant Ram in Kashmir. He felt very alone until he started getting secret love letters from a woman named Sita. They fell in love, but because of their duties and hidden things, they couldn’t be together. Sita had to hide who she was because of problems in the country. Many years later, in 1985, a passionate student named Afreen from Pakistan had to give an old letter from Ram to Sita.

As Afreen learns about Sita’s past, she discovers why their love was impossible. This changes how Afreen sees the world. The story asks if Sita will get the letter that might bring back their lost love. It wonders if love can overcome time and problems between countries. “Sita Ramam” is a sad story about wanting something so much, giving up things, and how love can last for a very long time, even when there are big challenges.

If you liked 96 movies, then you will like all these movies very much. The story shown in these movies is heart-touching and the love story is very pure. You will get to learn a lot about love in these movies. If you want to learn, if you have seen these movies then you can tell in the comment below. If you have not seen these movies yet then watch them.

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