Demon Slayer: Who are the Strongest Characters 2023

In the world of Demon Slayer, there are some very dangerous abilities that every Demon Slayer wants to master while staying alive. But even in groups like the elite demon slayers, only a few people can completely master these main techniques. Now, these selected characters have unlimited powers and are called the gods of their demon-slayer world. Today, I’ll tell you about these characters without any delay, so let’s start this new post right away.

Demon Slayer

1. Tanjiro Kamado’s Father

Yes, I know you might be thinking, “What is a regular-looking person doing in the list of god-level characters?” Well, we don’t know much about Tanjiro’s father, but from what we do know, it can be said that he was an extremely powerful person. His father possessed a powerful technique called “transparent world” that allowed him to quickly defeat even the strongest opponents in an instant.

Sun Breathing Technique

Tanjiro not only uses the Hinokami Kagura or Sun Breathing technique but he inherited it from his father. Although I don’t think his father used the Sun Breathing technique in any fight while he was alive, Tanjiro can use it alone because he saw that ritual with his own eyes.

1 From 3

Interestingly, one of Tanjiro’s fathers is one of the three characters born with the mark of the Demon Slayer. The Demon Slayer mark is a very powerful technique that only Tanjiro and a few others have been able to awaken so far. Tanjiro’s father was born with this mark, but he never mastered it or joined the Demon Slayer Corps. If he had used his full potential, he might have become one of the most powerful Demon Slayers in just one go.

2. Mist Hasira Muichiro Tokito

Now I have to say that after the new release, almost every “Demon Slayer” fan’s favorite character, Muichiro, is gone. Look, Muichiro is a really smart kid who achieved the status of a Hashira after training for only two months, and he did all of this when he was just thirteen years old. Despite being so young, he created his technique that can defeat even the strongest demons, the Upper Moon demons. After Tanjiro, he was the second character to unlock the Demon Slayer mark and defeated an Upper Moon 5 demon all by himself.


As the story progresses, when he fights with Kokushibo, he becomes even more powerful and unlocks the technique of the transparent world. Another important thing that you might not know is that Muichiro is a descendant of the Sugi Konie bloodline, which means he’s a family member of the most powerful Demon Slayers. That’s why he doesn’t take much time to master any technique at all.

  • And friends, this list has just begun. There are still six more characters left who are even more powerful.

3. Obanai Iguro

Now you might have almost forgotten this character. We’ve only seen it in the anime once or twice, and we haven’t even seen its fights yet. But in the upcoming seasons, when you see it fighting, you’ll understand why it deserves a place on this list. Obanai Iguro is a serpent Hashira who uses serpent breathing. He attacks his opponents very swiftly with snake-like movements.

Moving forward, we’re going to witness Obanai’s fight directly with the demon king, Muzan. If you’ve seen the fights with the upper moon demons, you can estimate how strong Muzan is, but Obanai was fighting Muzan alone for a few minutes, and not just that, even after being almost completely blind, he continued to fight Muzan until the end.

Obanai’s Strength

Obanai is strong in the series. He made his sword glow red just by holding it tight. Making the sword red is important because demons can’t heal after getting hit by it. It needs a lot of skill, but Obanai did it just with his strength. He also learned a powerful technique without practicing. In the end, Obanai helped a lot in beating Muzan.

4. The Stone Hasira Gyomi

The strongest warrior of this time is Gyoumei, the stone Hashira. For those who watch anime, they know that Gyoumei is the most powerful Hashira. We haven’t seen any fight scenes like his before. Gyoumei became a Hashira just two months after Muichiro. His way of fighting is very special because he uses hammers and axes instead of swords. He’s amazing at both defense and offense.

Strength or Weakness

The most interesting thing about Gyoumei is that he’s completely blind. But that’s not a weakness; it’s his greatest strength. He fights by using his hearing abilities only. He can fully focus on any opponent, even against strong demons like Upper Moon 1 and Demon King Mozan. Kokushibo, Upper Moon 1, said that in three hundred years, Gyoumei would be the first human whose powers would match an Upper Moon’s. Gyoumei has unlocked the curse mark, right red sword, and transparent world technique. Compared to the characters we’ve discussed before, Gyoumei is on a whole different level.

5. First Generation of Demon Slayers

The fifth number doesn’t have a particular character, instead, it has many characters together. In the world of Demon Slayers, for many years, Demons have hunted humans, and some special people called Demon Slayers have taken the responsibility to stop them. Now, I want to talk specifically about the first generation of Demon Slayers because I think they are among the strongest warriors. First of all, they were trained by the legendary Demon slayer God Yoriichi.

Besides that, they were the first and most powerful users of techniques like fire and water breathing. Kokushibo once said that in three hundred years, he hadn’t seen a human as powerful as them. This means that three hundred years ago, there were people who were even more powerful than upper moon 1. However, it’s not exactly explained why they were so powerful, but I believe their name should also be on that list.

6. Tanjiro Kamado

When we watch any anime, we usually know who the main character is going to be and how strong they’ll become by the end. In the case of Demon Slayer, Tanjiro Kamado’s evolution is almost close to perfection.

How Strong is Tanjiro

What I find amazing about Tanjiro is that even before becoming a Demon Slayer, his strength and intelligence in fighting were already top-notch. After his family’s tragic death, he pledged to eliminate all demons from the world. Through immense hard work, he learned the Water Breathing technique and later unlocked the Sun Breathing technique of Hinokami Kagura. In the latest season of the series, he demonstrated incredible prowess with this technique. During the Entertainment District arc, he unlocked his Demon Slayer mark, elevating him to the highest level of Demon Slayer.

Tanjiro was the first Demon Slayer in a hundred years to defeat an upper moon. Recently, while fighting Upper Moon 4, he even unlocked the technique of the Bright Red Blade. What’s remarkable is that Tanjiro unlocked both these abilities before any Hashira. In the final article, Tanjiro achieves so many incredible feats that no Hashira can compare to him. In the future, you’ll discover many shocking things that I won’t spoil for you right now.

  • Now we have reached our final two demos layer God characters whose power is on a different level.

7. Kokushibo

When the six-eyed Kokushibo first made an entry, I got goosebumps. Without a doubt, he’s the most powerful demon after Muzan.

Origin & Technique

Few people might know that Kokushibo was once a demon slayer himself and even in those times, he was incredibly powerful. He created a technique called ‘moon breathing’ that no master in history has been able to master. Kokushibo wanted to become the strongest, so he allied with Muzan and turned into a demon. He invented sixteen forms of moon breathing.

Finally, it took the combined efforts of three Hashira to defeat Kokushibo, who, even if he hadn’t been a demon, would have been the most powerful among all the Hashira.

8. Yoriichi Tsugikuni

Our final character, in my opinion, we all know who will be at number 8, our final number, right? Well, yes, that’s Yoriichi Tsugikuni. So far, we’ve never seen Yoriichi fight, but we know that he’s stronger than anyone else. Yoriichi created all the major breathing forms.

Yuriichi Vs. Muzan

Yoriichi defeated Muzan in just a second. Muzan is so scared of him that he trembles when he hears Yoriichi’s name. When Yoriichi first wielded a sword, he defeated a master without any experience. Muzan himself said that in this world where demons and humans live, Yoriichi is the biggest demon. Despite Muzan’s incredible regenerative abilities, the wounds Yoriichi inflicted on him haven’t healed to this day. Yoriichi is a master of every ability that today’s generation of demon slayers has to work hard to unlock.

These were the gods of the demons layer worlds. Which of these is your favorite character? Please write me your opinion in the comment.

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