Attack on Titan Ending: Most Difficult Choice of Eren Yeager 2023

In the big ‘Attack on Titan ending,’ the main character Eren Yeager’s journey finished surprisingly. Eren, who used to be seen as a symbol of hope, made a very important and controversial decision. He went from being a hero to someone whose actions were hard to judge. This decision was unexpected and made it difficult to tell if he was still a hero or had become a villain. We try to understand why Eren made this choice and how complicated it was. Some fans liked it, while others didn’t.

Attack on Titan Ending

Surprising Attack on Titan Ending

The Attack on Titan ending, In the last episode, Eren Yeager destroys 80% of people. At first, he wanted to get rid of Titans and help humans, but later he used Titan’s powers to harm humans instead. Do you think there’s a character in another show more controversial than him?

Hate to Hajime Isayama

After the release of the final episode, people heavily criticized the writer of Attack on Titan, Hajime Isayama. Although it was hinted in the middle of the story that Eren would become the main villain, everyone believed that in the end, he would turn into a hero again, annihilate the Titans, and save humanity. However, the story does not take that route; its ending is not happy in any way. Ultimately, instead of feeling satisfied, viewers might end up feeling depressed after witnessing the conclusion.

Questioning the Idea of Happy Endings

It’s evident that we, as human beings, have become so accustomed to happy endings in movies that we find it difficult to accept anything opposite. Hajime Isayama has questioned that very belief through this story, stating that not every story has a happy ending. Attack on Titan had developed a special fan base all over the world, and it’s almost certain that 80% of these fans didn’t like its ending.

Looking at the Attack on Titan Ending in a logical way

Today, I want to tell those same fans that Attack on Titan couldn’t have had a better ending, and if you start seeing it logically like me, then this ending indeed suits it. Just for once, view the story of Attack on Titan from Isayama’s perspective. Look, the premise of the first three seasons’ story is quite simple.

Through Storyline:

Titans rule the entire world and have devastated humanity. The remaining survivors hide behind massive walls to evade the Titans. For them, the world was only as big as those walls. They hadn’t seen any technology, deserts, or even the sea. Eren, Mikasa, and Armin lived behind these colossal walls. They only read about the existence of things like the sea in books. Since childhood, Eren and Armin dreamed of exploring the world beyond those walls. Suddenly, one day, two Titans breach the wall that had remained unbreached by Titans for a hundred years. The iron wall breaks, revealing the outside, and all Titans begin devouring humans.

The Twist

Eren’s mother dies in front of him, traumatizing him. The practice has been established. Eren resolves to eliminate all Titans in the world with Armin and finally sees that open sea. But then, it’s revealed that Eren himself is a Titan, not just any Titan, but a human transformed forcibly into a Titan. Eventually, the story isn’t just about humans versus monsters; it’s about humans versus humans. As the story progresses, it becomes apparent that Titans aren’t mindless creatures; they are controlled by humans who have been forcibly turned into Titans.

Eren’s Perspective

After seeing the sea, Eren discovers that humanity behind those walls is only a tiny fraction of the actual human population. Countless cultures beyond the sea have no idea about Titans. Eren realizes that he’s been confined like a prisoner on that island. Even if he goes far away, cruel people will still hunt him down, just like when his mother died in front of him, and he couldn’t do anything. Eren wanted to change the world and end the cycle of hatred, but in the end, he chose to annihilate 80 percent of humanity.

Other Choices of Eren

Did he have any other choice besides this? Well, if you think about it, Zeke’s euthanization plan could have been followed by Eren. With the power of the Founding Titan, he could have rendered all Eldians unable to use the Titans, leading to the eventual extinction of the Eldian race after hundreds of years. However, Eren wasn’t okay with that. He had already bowed down many times before the world, and now, he didn’t want to make such a massive sacrifice again. As soon as he got the chance, he initiated the rumbling and set out to bring destruction to every corner of the world except for his island.

Surprising Twist in the Attack on Titan Ending

Many people died, and then they stopped the big problem by removing the leader. They found out the real reason for the strong wall. The leader wanted fairness between different groups of people, so nobody would be treated badly. One person, Eren, knew about this a long time ago. He planned to make the big problem happen and knew his friend Mikasa would have to stop him. This sad ending is the only one that fits “Attack on Titan.” It’s strange because the war that Eren tried to avoid never actually occurred.

End Credit Scene

In the end credit scene, it’s clear that humanity is still fighting each other, and the cycle of hatred is never-ending. Attack on Titan is truly a masterpiece; in my opinion, there wasn’t a single moment in it that was boring.

Remark Again

Now, when you watch Attack on Titan again while keeping all these points in mind, you might also fall in love with this ending.

Replace Attack on Titan

Now that Attack on Titan has ended, which anime do you think can take its place? This talks about how the story and characters change in Attack on Titan ending. It shows the hard choices the characters, especially Eren, have to make. It makes you think about what it means to be human, what it takes to sacrifice, and what happens when you decide things.

At the Attack on Titan ending, Eren faces a big decision that shows how hard it is to choose between right and wrong. He starts as someone who wants to protect people from Titans but ends up doing something drastic. This makes us think about what’s right, what we’re willing to give up, and why people keep fighting each other. Eren’s tough choice to hurt many people to stop discrimination against his kind is sad to see. He struggles between what he believes and what happens. This makes the end of Attack on Titan very emotional and makes us think a lot.

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