Why Sukuna is the King of Curses in Jujutsu Kaisen: The Biggest Mystery

Sukuna, this character has been recorded among the scariest characters in anime history not because he is very dangerous to look at or because he has a lot of powers, of curses, he is a powerful character but in reality, his ruthlessness makes him the most scary. I can’t forget that scene when Sukuna took out Yuji Itadori’s heart and threw it out. Sukuna is so a complex and interesting character of Jujutsu Kaisen, that he neither takes the side of the enemies nor the side of the heroes who save the world from evil curses. He is truly the King of curses, he does whatever comes to his mind.

Jujutsu Kaisen

Sukuna’s Origins in Jujutsu Kaisen

But before the king of the curse, Sukuna used to be a normal person. About a thousand years ago Sukuna was a normal human. In his time, he very soon became one of the most powerful Jujutsu Sorcerers in the world, but his personality was the saddest and most violent type. He used to eliminate the curse spirit and had no hesitation in killing humans.

Now, in all the years he lived as a human being, he committed countless murders, but there came a point when his human life came to an end and no one knows exactly how he died. People speculate that Sukuna has some sad back story which will be revealed in the future. Some people are saying that someone had killed him by deceit.


Now whatever may be the reason for his death, it is certain that he never truly died but his violent nature and amazing negative energy gave him birth again as the king of curse. After rebirth, Sukuna created such havoc that it was almost impossible to kill him. Let me tell you that Sukuna has four hands and two heads, due to which his power was doubled, then all the Jujutsu Sorcerers together captured Sukuna’s power in his twenty fingers and hid each finger safely somewhere.

Sukuna coming back to life and being strong

A thousand years later, Yuji Intadori consumed Sukuna’s finger and the king of curses returned to Earth. Now I think from the first episode itself we knew that Sukuna was going to be an OP character and with just 1 finger Sukuna also gave tough competition to Gojo Saturo. This fight scene was so smooth that I immediately became a fan of Jujutsu Kaisen, although Sukuna did not win we got to see a small part of his power.

Now the second best moment of peace came when Yuji and Negu went to oxidize a normal-looking curse spirit but after reaching there they came to know that this curse spirit had eaten Supurna’s finger and it became very strong and killed Yuji. Almost killed him but at the right moment Sukuna switches and uses that special great curse to completely off light rate.

Sukuna’s Power

Careless Sukuna

Sukna does not even care whether the vessels of the body in which she is alive will remain alive or die. As I told you, after killing that cursed spirit, Sukuna immediately takes out Yuji’s heart and starts beating Lemon badly. I seriously thought that the game between Yuji and Megomi was about to end.

Shocking Scenes

But Sukona once again shocked everyone by not killing Megomi. After this, he also brought Yuji back alive. Meaning, you can imagine how easy it is for Sukuna to die and come alive again. Let me tell you that there are very few special great curses that can use this kind of revival power, but Sukuna can revive little Yuji so easily.

Sukuna’s Plan

After death, Yuji went directly to Sukuna’s domain where the king of curses himself was sitting in front of him. To bring him back to life, he put a deal in front of Yuji that Sukuna will take over his body for a single minute at any time and if Yuji wants to bring him back to life without any deal, then he will have to defeat Sukuna.

This was Sukuna’s trick and he eliminated Yuji in one go. Not only this but Sukuna tied Yuji in a binding contract and also took away his memory. Now Yoji doesn’t even know that Sukuna can control his body for a minute whenever he wants. It remains to be seen how much destruction he will cause in this one minute.

Scared Villains

But Yuji was not the only one who was destroyed by Sukuna in a single hit. Mahito was another very scary special-grade curse that gave me goosebumps. Mahito’s special power was that he could control the soul of any person by touching him and transforming the soul into a cursed spirit. He can also give different shapes to his own body but till then it was fine. While Mahito was fighting with Yuji, as soon as he touched Yuji and tried to make him a Curse spirit, he went directly into Sukuna’s dimension.

Now remember that here Mahito had touched Yuji’s soul as well as Sukuna’s soul. Which Sukuna did not like at all. He destroyed Mahito in a single strike. Mahito survived this experience but he was so damaged that he had to go into hiding and recover with his power.

Things We Still Don’t Know

Currently, there are many things left to happen in the anime which have already been done in the manga. Currently, Sukuna is trending everywhere. Even if you don’t want to, you may have come to know that Sukuna has defeated Gojo Saturo badly, but this is a matter too far. In the current anime, whatever is going on in Shibu or Aankh, Sukuna creates the most havoc. But how? I will not spoil it and it would be better if you wait and see for yourself.

How Become So Powerful

Jujutsu Kaisen fans have already accepted that Sukuna is the king of curses but this question comes to my mind how did he become such a powerful curse? Only the manga writer knows the definite answer to this.

Bad Energy

but I have some interesting theories that I want to tell you. Look, the first thing is that curse spirits are formed when a lot of negative energy gathers in one place. Due to this, those loans start taking a physical form and start harassing people. You must have heard about places like site points, which exist in many places in India, so when normal people go there, they often feel a negative energy which is there due to the fear of many people. It has gathered and a cursed spirit has been created based on this unnatural concept.

My opinion

But I think Sukuna is so different and powerful because she is directly cursed with death. Look, every living thing in this world is afraid of dying. The base fear of all of us is that we will die by doing this. Sukuna has hardened this fear and gathered so much power that the writers of Jujutsu Kaisen said that you can look at Sukuna like a natural disaster. He does not know how much destruction he is capable of causing and this is what makes him so powerful.

Sukuna’s Rule That Is Hard to Guess

You might have noticed that his throne is placed on top of many bones. Malu wallet in Japanese means to wish death on another and I think this title fits the decision on Sukuna but Sukuna must have some tragic back story that the writers of Jujutsu Kaisen are hiding from all the fans I am sure. The day that chapter is released, the entire internet will be filled with Jujutsu Kaisen.

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