Top 10 Must-Watch South Indian College Romantic Movies: From Friendship to Love

College Romantic Movies

If you like watching South Indian college romantic movies, We’ve picked the “Top 10 Must-Watch South Indian College Romantic Movies: From Friendship to Love” just for you. These movies show love stories in college in a nice way. They talk about how friendships can turn into special love and show different feelings young people have. Each movie is different but all of them are about young love. You’ll feel the emotions and see the lively college life in these movies. Get set to explore a world full of feelings set in college.

College Romantic Movies

1. Routine Love Story (2012)

“Routine Love Story” is a funny and sweet movie about two people named Sanju and Tanvi who see love differently. Sanju is relaxed and easygoing, while Tanvi is determined and practical. They meet by chance and fall in love in a story that might seem familiar but is still heartwarming. Along the way, there are funny mix-ups, strange moments, and times when they learn new things about each other. As they go through the good and tough times together, they realize what love really means in their everyday lives. The movie has jokes, romance, and situations that many people can relate to. It shows how two very different people find their own special kind of love.

Hindi Dubbed Name: Routine Love Story

2. Undiporaadhey (2019)

Undiporaadhey is about two young people, Kavya and Surya, who meet in college and fall in love. They face big problems because their families and society don’t approve of their relationship. They have to deal with challenges from their past and decide if their love can survive. The story shows how they fight for their love and follow their dreams, even when things get really tough. It’s a tale about love, dreams, and how sometimes, the best things come from unexpected places.

Hindi Dubbed Name: College Giri

3. College Kumar (2020)

“College Kumar” is about a guy named Kumar who loves having fun in college. But things change a lot when his dad, who is very serious and used to be in the military, decides to join the same college as a student. They both have different ways of thinking and living, which causes funny and sometimes sad problems. Kumar tries to find a balance between his relaxed way of life and his dad’s strict rules.

This leads to funny situations and moments that make you feel good. In the middle of all this, Kumar learns important things about being responsible, having discipline, and how family is really important. The movie shows how people from different generations can be different and how someone can learn about themselves in a story that is fun but also touching.

Hindi Dubbed Name: Style Kumar

4. Chalo (2018)

“Chalo” is a fun movie from India made in 2018. It’s about a guy named Hari who lives in a village where two groups don’t get along because they speak different languages. Hari is a carefree guy, but things change when he falls in love with a girl from the other group. This causes a lot of problems and fights between the two sides. But Hari tries to bring everyone together and make peace between them. The movie shows that love is strong enough to bring people from different places together, even when there are big problems.

Hindi Dubbed name: Chalo

5. Don (2022)

Chakaravarthi, a student who doesn’t like strict rules, has problems with his strict teacher and also has a hard time with love. He doesn’t tell the truth about his grades because he wants to follow his own dreams instead of studying engineering. People start calling him “Don.” The story follows his life from being a young person to becoming a successful filmmaker.

He hurries back to his old college for an important event and remembers his past. We see flashbacks of how he struggled to figure out what he loved, wanted to impress his dad, and win the love of a girl named Angu. Throughout all the chaos at college, arguments with family, and discovering himself, Don learns what success really means and touches the lives of the people he meets along the way.

Hindi Dubbed Name: Don/S/o Chakravarthy

6. Kirrak Party (2018)

Kirrak Party” is a story about a guy named Krishna who is enjoying his time in college. He makes good friends, falls in love, and has fun with them by doing exciting things together. But something sad happens, and it changes their lives. They face tough times and learn important things about love and friendship. The story shows how they deal with difficulties and grow as people. It’s an interesting and touching tale set in a lively college.

Hindi Dubbed name: Kirrak Party

7. Tholi Prema (2017)

“Tholi Prema” is a movie from South India about a guy named Aditya. He meets a girl named Varsha when they are in college. At first, they don’t get along, but later they fall in love. They have some problems and end up apart. After a few years, Aditya changes and decides to find Varsha because he still loves her a lot. The movie shows how relationships can be hard, how strong our first love can be, and how difficult it is to deal with the past while living in the present. It’s a touching story about love, change, and getting another chance.

Hindi Dubbed Name: Tholi Prema

8. Rowdy Boys (2022)

Akash is a happy new student studying engineering. He really likes Kavya, who is a lively older student studying medicine. They start to like each other when their colleges are having a big argument. Akash tries to make Kavya like him by doing fun things, but this makes the fight between their colleges worse. The arguments get really bad, and it causes trouble for their new relationship and Akash’s future.

He has to choose between following his feelings for Kavya or staying in the fights that he doesn’t really want. Can they stay together even though there’s chaos, or will the fights between their colleges always keep them apart? Rowdy Boys is a story about young love, problems at college, and unexpected things that happen when love and college pride clash.

Hindi Dubbed Name: Rowdy Boys

9. Colour Photo (2020)

“Colour Photo” is a sad story from South India that came out in 2020. It happens in the 1990s and is about a boy named Jai Krishna who has dark skin. He falls in love with Deepthi, a girl with fair skin. But many people don’t like their love because of how they look. They face many problems and people making fun of them because of their skin color. This movie talks a lot about how some people are treated badly because of their skin color. It shows how strong love can be even when society doesn’t accept it. It’s a story about love, being okay with who you are, and how people treat each other.

Hindi Dubbed Name: Colour Photo

10. Kanche (2015)

“Kanche” is a story that happens during a big war called World War II. It’s about a brave and kind young man named Dhupati Haribabu who belongs to a lower group in society. He meets Seetha Devi, a woman from a rich and higher group in society, while everything is chaotic because of the war. Haribabu faces unfair treatment and problems because of where he comes from while he’s in the British Indian Army.

But despite what society thinks, he becomes friends with Seetha Devi. The movie talks about love, how people treat others based on their social group, and unfair judgments. It shows how their relationship is special and not limited by what society says. “Kanche” shows how love and kindness can be strong even during a time of war and when society separates people.

Hindi Dubbed Name: Khiladi Ki Jung

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