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Arbaaz Khan Romantic Comedy Movies

You all must know Arbaaz Khan very well. Because he is a famous Bollywood actor. If you still don’t know then he is Salman Khan’s brother. I know you must have seen many of his movies already, if you haven’t, no problem, now I will tell you 10 romantic comedy movies by Arbaaz Khan which you will like. But the thing is that in most of the movies, Arbaaz’s role is as a sight actor. So, if you have not seen any of these movies then see, the rest of my reason for writing this post is that Arbaaz Khan and Shura Khan are trending.

Arbaaz Khan Romantic Comedy Movies

1. Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya (1998)

“Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya” is a movie that came out in 1998. It’s a fun and romantic Bollywood film. It’s about a young woman named Muskaan, who goes to her family’s village with her big brother Vishal, played by Arbaaz Khan. She meets Suraj, and they fall in love. But Muskaan’s brother doesn’t like their relationship. Muskaan fights against what people think is right to be with the one she loves. The movie shows love, feelings, and happy songs. It’s all about how love is strong and can help you face tough things. It shows that love and bravery are really important.

2. Hello Brother (1999)

This is one of the best Arbaaz Khan romantic comedy movies. The story tells “Hello Brother” is about a nice and happy man named Hero. His life changes suddenly when he finds out he has a twin brother named Vishal whom he lost touch with for a long time. They meet in a strange way and don’t know they’re brothers until they notice they look alike and have funny mix-ups.

While they get to know each other, they discover a plot involving a very bad criminal. Hero is charming, and Vishal is clever, so they team up to beat the bad guy and make things right. They show that family is important and can overcome tough situations, even when faced with action and emotional moments.

3. Hulchul (2004)

The movie “Hulchul” is about two families, the Anjali and Jai Khanna families, who don’t get along. Anjali’s brother and Jai’s sister fall in love, but their families don’t like each other. Anjali and Jai want to be together, so they make a plan to trick their families into agreeing to their marriage. It becomes really funny and messy as they try to make their families okay with their relationship. They use funny ideas and get into silly situations, but in the end, their love wins over the family problems. The movie shows how love can bring people together, even when there’s been a long fight between families.

4. Dhol (2007)

“Dhol” is a funny movie from Bollywood that came out in 2007. It’s about four friends named Sam, Maru, Pakkya, and Goti. They want to be successful but end up in funny and silly situations. One day, they accidentally see someone get killed. Scared, they run away, thinking the killer is after them. In Mumbai, they meet a rich man who looks like the person who was murdered. This causes a lot of confusion. They have to deal with funny mistakes, romantic interests, and lots of crazy situations while trying to prove they’re innocent. The movie is full of laughs, friendship, and surprising moments.

5. Hello (2008)

In the movie “Hello” from 2008, Salman Khan acts as a famous person whose airplane has an accident, so he gets stuck at an airport in Delhi. While there, a lady tells him about six people who work at a call center in Mumbai. These workers have different problems in their lives, like being in love but feeling lonely, facing abuse from a partner, or having a tough time as an artist. Something strange happens when they get a special call that seems like it’s from God. This call gives them a chance to change their lives and follow their dreams.

After hearing this story, Salman Khan feels inspired and starts believing in himself. His plane gets fixed mysteriously. However, it’s not clear who the woman really was or where the special call came from. It leaves a question: Did something magical happen, or was it just because they started believing in themselves?

6. Fashion (2008)

The movie “Fashion” made in 2008 is about a girl named Meghna Mathur. She’s from a small town and really wants to become a supermodel. She goes to Mumbai to join the glamorous world of fashion but faces many tough situations like people being disloyal and having to give up a lot. Meghna becomes very famous with the help of different mentors, but she realizes that being successful has a price.

Her journey shows how the fashion industry can be harsh, with lots of competition and people being used. While she climbs to the top, Meghna struggles to stay true to herself and keep her relationships strong in a world where looks and ambition are really important.

7. Ready (2011)

In the movie ‘Ready’ from 2011, a happy and likable guy named Prem gets involved in a fun but chaotic relationship with Sanjana, a lively woman who isn’t sure about love at first. They meet in funny and sweet situations, and Prem tries clever ways to make her like him, all while dealing with family problems and differences in their cultures. ‘Ready’ is a story full of jokes, love, and touching moments. It shows how two people learn about love’s surprises and the happiness in embracing unexpected things in life.

8. Kis Kis Ko Pyar Karoon (2015)

In the movie ‘Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon’ from 2015, a rich guy named Kumar Sharma gets into a funny but tricky situation. Kumar, played by Kapil Sharma, accidentally gets married to three different women because of some unexpected things that happen. He keeps it a secret by planning his life very carefully.

Trouble starts when his wives, played by Simran Kaur Mundi, Manjari Fadnis, and Sai Lokur, meet each other by chance. Kumar deals with funny confusions and funny situations while trying to handle his relationships without his wives knowing about each other. The movie talks about love, truth, and how relationships can be complicated nowadays in a funny and fun way.

9. Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai (2017)

“Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai” is a story about many different people from different times. It talks about Alia, a girl who lives outside her home country and wants to follow her dreams even though people around her might not agree. There’s also Poonam, a woman from a village who faces challenges because of what society expects from her.

Then there’s Alex, who has his own struggles and wants to make things right. All their lives come together in the story, showing how love, giving up things for others, and being strong during hard times are important. The movie shows that no matter where we come from, we can all face tough times but can also find happiness by not giving up.

10. Main Zaroor Aaunga (2019)

The movie “Main Zaroor Aaunga” released in 2019 is about a man named Yash who is successful in business and marries a woman named Pari. At first, everything seems perfect, but then Pari discovers that Yash is not a good person. Their marriage becomes suffocating for Pari because Yash is controlling. Pari finds comfort in another man named Rohan and they start a secret relationship. Yash becomes more controlling, so Pari decides she wants to leave. But leaving Yash isn’t easy and it brings danger. The story is full of suspense and shows how relationships can be complicated, with lies and the struggle for freedom.

In the end, I will tell you that if you have not noticed, then know that I have kept this list according to the year, old to new. There is no logic in this but I explained it clearly. If you have not seen these movies yet then go watch them, you may like them.

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