Action Movies of Thalapathy Vijay: Must-Watch Top 10 Films

Action Movies of Thalapathy Vijay

If you like watching action movies, you must have seen the action movies of Thalapathy Vijay somewhere. Thalapathy Vijay is a famous actor in Tamil movies. He’s good at acting and doing exciting action scenes. He has been in many thrilling movies showing his talent and charm on screen. In his movies, you will see love stories, emotion, and comedy in a very good manner along with the action. We made a list of his top 10 action movies called ‘The Power-Packed Collection.’ These movies are full of action and show how great he is as an actor. Come along and watch these awesome movies with us to see how good Vijay is at action movies.

Action Movies of Thalapathy Vijay

1. Thalaiva (2013)

“Thalaivaa” is a movie about a guy named Vishwa who lives in Australia and loves to dance. He doesn’t know that he’s related to a very important leader in Tamil Nadu, India. When his dad gets killed, Vishwa goes back to India and finds out he might have to become a leader too. At first, he doesn’t want to, but later he accepts it. He has to deal with a lot of problems in politics and people trying to hurt him.

With the help of his girlfriend Meera, he fights against corruption and tries to make things fair. In the end, he brings everyone together against the bad guys. The movie has a lot of action, drama, and tricky politics. It shows how a regular guy becomes a symbol of hope and gets called “Thalaivaa,” which means leader.

Hindi Dubbed Name: Thalaiva The Leader

2. Kaththi (2014)

“Kaththi” is a movie from 2014 in Tamil. It’s about a guy named Kathiresan who used to be in trouble but changed for the better. He goes to a village where people are suffering because a big company wants their water. To help, he pretends to be someone else, a guy called Jeevanantham, who fights for the community. Kathiresan/Jeevanantham inspires the villagers to stand up for themselves. He fights the bad guys and stands for what’s right, making a big impact on everyone’s lives.

Hindi Dubbed Name: Khakhi aur Khiladi

3. Theri (2016)

“Theri” is a movie released in 2016 in India about a man named Joseph Kuruvilla. He looks after his daughter and works as a cook, but secretly, he is also Vijay Kumar, a police officer who wants to get revenge for his wife’s death. When his daughter is in danger because of his past, Joseph stops pretending and shows who he really is. He uses his police skills to fight a powerful criminal while trying to be a good dad. The movie is full of action, love, and getting back at bad people.

Hindi Dubbed Name: Theri

4. Mersal (2017)

“Mersal” is a movie from 2017 in the Tamil language. It’s about a man named Vijay who plays two roles in the film. The story is about two brothers who got separated when they were young because their family had problems. One became a magician, and the other became a doctor. They don’t know about each other, but their lives cross paths when they face unfair things in society. The movie shows how they discover their past together and fight against bad things happening in the medical world. It’s a story about getting back at people, and emotions and talking about society. The movie talks about the importance of family and fighting against unfairness.

Hindi Dubbed Name: Mersal

5. Sarkar (2018)

The movie “Sarkar” is about a man named Sundar who comes back to India to vote but finds that the people in charge are being dishonest. He tries to vote but gets in trouble with a powerful politician and his friends who are not fair. Sundar decides to fight against the bad things happening in the government. He wants to make a big change and gets lots of people to join him. He uses his smarts and bravery to challenge the leaders and tries to make things better, even though it’s risky.

Hindi Dubbed Name: Sarkar

6. Bigil (2019)

“Bigil” is a movie released in 2019 about a man named Michael, played by Vijay. He used to play football but had to stop because of unexpected problems. He becomes a coach for a women’s football team because he made a promise to a friend and wants to help his sister succeed. Even though there are difficulties because of society and his own problems, Michael helps the team get better.

He inspires the players to challenge what society expects and aim to win the state championship. The movie is about sports, family, and helping each other. It shows how being strong, determined, and working together can help achieve dreams, even when it’s hard.

Hindi Dubbed Name: Bigil

7. Master (2021)

“Master” is about JD, a teacher who likes having fun, and Bhavani, a very bad criminal boss. JD tries to help students at a school, but Bhavani wants to use these students for his crimes. They both have different ideas, and a big fight starts between them. JD wants to change the students for the better, while Bhavani wants to use them for bad things. The story gets more exciting as JD tries to stop Bhavani and help the students have a better future. The movie talks a lot about change, power, and what people can do when they try hard enough.

Hindi Dubbed Name: Vijay The Master

8. Beast (2022)

Veera Raghavan is a brave ex-raw. He gets stuck in a fancy mall in Chennai because some very mean terrorists take over. Veera has to face his old fears and protect all the nice people stuck inside. He uses his fighting skills and smart thinking to beat the bad guys. Time is running out, and Veera finds out he has a personal link to the boss of the terrorists. He has to deal with his own past to stop everything in a really big fight. Get ready for lots of action, cool tricks, and strong feelings in this super exciting story.

Hindi Dubbed Name: RAW

9. Varisu (2023)

Vijay, a man who was kicked out of his family, created a food delivery company. He comes back when his very sick rich father needs help. Vijay’s two older brothers really want their dad’s position and don’t like Vijay. There’s a big fight in business with another company, and Vijay has to show he’s good enough. He also needs to fix his family problems and decide if he wants to run the company or focus on love. This story has lots of action in a family, with jokes, betrayal, and making-up. It’s about Vijay becoming the rightful heir, not just to a business but to more.

Hindi Dubbed Name: Varisu

10. Leo (2023)

In a quiet town called Theog, there’s a man named Parthi. He runs a nice café and helps animals. One day, he saves a lady from some bad people. But this act brings back his old life as Leo, a scary gangster. Two guys named Antony and Harold think Parthi might actually be Leo, their son who they lost. They chase him. Parthi has to decide if he wants to stay peaceful as he is now or go back to being Leo, who did bad things. He has to protect his family too. Exciting fights happen, and Parthi has to choose: stay Parthi, the café guy, or go back to being Leo, the tough gangster.

Hindi Dubbed Name: Leo

In the end, I would like to tell you that, I don’t know whether you have noticed or not, I have arranged this list in order from old to new. Meaning, as old as movie no. 1 and as many new movies as the rest on number 10. If you have missed any movie from this list, please go and watch it. All these movies are very good movies.

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