Must-Watch South Crime Thriller Movies in Hindi Dubbed: 10 Thrilling Stories

Crime Thriller Movies

The whole world is crazy about crime thriller movies, so in today’s post, 10 amazing crime thriller movies for you are available in Hindi. All these films are full of excitement and make you feel thrilled. They have awesome stories with lots of surprises and suspense. In all these movies, you will get to see how the police or detectives are solving the case, after so much investigation, Culprit is caught. If you are a fan of crime thriller movies then all these movies are a boon for you.

Crime Thriller Movies

1. Imaikkaa Nodigal (2018)

“Imaikkaa Nodigal” is one of the Crime Thriller movies released in 2018. Anjali Vikramaditya is a CBI officer investigating a serial killing. A serial killer is killing people recklessly but the twist comes when it is revealed that the serial killer died a few years ago in the police records. The twist in the movie comes when revenge becomes personal, why, how, and what happens next, you can see all this in this movie.

In this movie, you will get to see much more suspense, mystery, and thriller, which you will like. The story gets more and more exciting with surprises and a big fight between Anjali and that serial Killer. This movie is something that will force you to watch till the end

2. Athiran (2019)

In one of the scary crime thriller movies ‘Athiran’ released in 2019, The movie follows Dr. Nair, a psychiatrist, who visits a mental asylum in Kerala. Everything is going well until he meets a patient named Nitya an isolated girl. Why is it kept there, when Doctor Nair sets out to investigate this matter, the mysteries that uncover the truth, you will get to know many things about his past or about that girl’s past, and in the ending you will get shocked. This is a great movie so don’t miss this movie at all. The movie tells an exciting story about secrets, scary things, and finding out the truth.

3. 7th Day (2014)

The movie “7th Day”, this story is about a detective named David Baxter who finds out about some scary killings that happen every seven days. He has to solve this mystery. While investigating, he discovers a scary link between the murders and a secret religious group. As the days go by, he tries hard to find clues and stop the next killing. Things get scarier as time runs out. Baxter keeps going, even though it’s tough, and he learns some really scary things about the killings.

4. Psycho (2020)

“Psycho” is a crime thriller movies released in 2020. The story is about a serial killer named Angulimala. He does serial killing because he’s interested in collecting fingers. But one day he kidnaps the heroine of his movie, who is a radio jockey, and the hero of his movie, who is the lover of the heroine, named Gautam, and is blind. when he sets out to find her, what happens next? You watch it in this movie.

Whether he knows how to catch the kidnapper, whether he can help the police despite being blind, and many other things. If you have not seen this movie yet then watch it soon. This movie is one of those crime thriller movies which people like.

5. Hit: The First Case (2020)

“Hit: The First Case” is about Vikram, a police officer who has a troubled past. He’s given a job to find a missing girl named Neha. While investigating this case, he deals with his problems and finds out about lies and secrets. Vikram discovers that many bad things are happening involving corruption and crime. He struggles inside but tries hard and quickly to solve the case. The story gets inspiring as Vikram learns more secrets and faces tough situations.

It’s a thrilling movie that shows how people can be complicated, and how it’s important to keep fighting for what’s right, even when things are tough. You can see how the case is solved in crime thriller movies in the last 10 minutes of this movie.

6. Pencil (2016)

The movie “Pencil” is about a boy named Shiva who likes a girl named Maya at their high school. Shiva is a class topper. How does he like the backbenchers of his class who are a hooligan boy? He gets into a fight and later in the movie Tourist comes when someone kills the boy from the backbencher. Meanwhile, our hero Shiva gets trapped.

Further, how the hero and heroine together investigate what is the truth, who killed him, and many more things which you are going to like in this movie. The movie is full of excitement, love, and surprises, showing how tricky it can be to handle love and solve problems, especially in a school. This movie is an example of what happens if crime thriller movies are shown at the school level.

7. Evaru (2019)

‘Evaru,’ is one of my favorite crime thriller movies, In the story of this movie, it is shown that a police officer has been murdered, when the girl is asked about the culprit, she tells that he tried to rape me, that is why I killed him to save his life. And when a police officer comes to investigate this matter, then what we come to know next is going to be liked by you very much.

And the ending of this movie will play with your mind. This is a great movie, if you haven’t seen it yet then go and watch it quickly. Everyone keeps lying, and it leads to a big, exciting ending where the truth comes out. ‘Evaru’ is about lies, power, and how people can be tricky in an exciting story.

8. Gultoo (2018)

In the movie “Gultoo”, The story is about the hero of this movie is Alok an employee in an IT company. And he plans to open his own startup company. Everything is going well in his life. Until the police come and arrest the hero in a cybercrime case, whether he has committed the crime or someone else has trapped him. There are many things, but as the movie progresses, all these things start becoming known. The movie shows how using technology can be bad and how important it is to keep our personal information safe online. This movie has shown what happens if crime thriller movies are shown at the cybercrime level.

9. Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal (2020)

‘Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal’ is about Siddharth and Kallis are leads of this movie, who are good with technology. They pretend to be software engineers but secretly steal things online. How you can watch this movie. They meet Meera and Shreya, and things get complicated with love. Siddharth likes Meera but doesn’t know about her completely. While they fall in love, their bad deeds catch up to them, putting their relationship in danger. But the interval is amazing and will make you, what the movie it is! The story is about trust, love, and making things right, ending in an exciting finish and you will feel good.

10. Thadam (2019)

“Thadam” is an exciting and one of the best crime thriller movies from South India that was released in 2019. It’s about two brothers who look identical, Ezhil and Kavin, played by Arun Vijay. The story is about a murder investigation where one of the brothers, Kavin, is suspected of killing a person. The police, played by Tanya Hope, face a big problem because both brothers seem innocent. The movie has lots of surprises and secrets that make it interesting. It’s about figuring out who the real killer is and what’s true and false.

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